I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 years and have had lots of "activity" in various public places. One was just about a month ago, and while not full sex as the traditional definition might be, was very exciting. We are at a Journey concert in the lawn in the middle of a large crowd. There was a couple next to us that we did not know but had been drinking all night and we noticed them getting frisky. She had a short dress on and was sitting back to us. He had his hands up her ***** and was really going at it. She had unzipped his shorts and had her hand in his pants. Well I started doing the same with my girlfriend, who was also wearing a short dress She starting rubbing me over my shorts and I had my fingers in her til she came. Her hand eventually made it inside my shorts with a little guidance by me. I was very close but never finished until we got home later that night. My regret is I didn't stay to see how the other couple ended - as we were leaving, she was straddling him oblivious to the crowd filing out.
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Such a shame you didn't see the finish