Using My Hot Wife to Get a Straight Guy to Suck Me Off

My wife and I had a very open sexual attitude very early into our relationship.   On our first date, we actually sat in the front of my pickup truck in the parking lot at her apartment and she jerked me off while I fingered her!

We often shared our fantasies while making love and the excitement of "planning" to fulfill the fantasies was an incredible aphrodesiac!  Very soon, we began to act on our plans and began to do more and more sexually adventurous things.

We started out with simple fondling in public, moving to sex in the ocean with people all around us unaware of what was happening down where only the fishes could see.  We did nude beaches, and then swinger clubs, and  many other exciting sexual activities.  But then I finally admitted my desire to get a straight guy to suck my ****, and to let me suck on his. 

A year or so before, she had admitted to wanting to see two guys sucking each other off, but had said that she might feel funny if I was one of the guys, so I had never brought it up.  But we had done many things since that time, and we had both become more adventurous.  She said that she wanted to help me to fulfill this fantasy, and we began to make our plan.  She became excited, and soon we were fondling each other while plotting how to get a man positioned in such a way that we could convince him to suck on my ****, and to let us both suck him off together.  We had incredible sex that night, pretending that we had the man there with us, and were seducing him and trapping him into our little web.

The next day was Saturday, and my wife woke up horny.  She is 13 years younger than me, and has the body of a teenager, and when she wants sex, she gets it.  She said that she wanted to actually set our mantrap this very day!  She started stroking my ****, and then stopped, leaving me hard and horny.  She said that she was going to keep me hot and horny all day, until she had a straight guy wrapping his virgin lips around my ****. 

We lived near the beach in Florida, and there was NEVER a shortage of horny men around on a hot summer day, and since they were wearing bathing suits, we could check them out and see how they really looked.  We found one guy who was a lot closer to my wife's age than to mine, and although I agreed that he had a great body,  I was really only interested in his ****.  You see I'm not gay, or really even Bi in the sense that I don't go around scoping out guys or get excited when I see a good looking guy.  I just am kinky, and like to do anything sexual that is on the wild side (although I am not into pain). 

So my wife set out to begin the first step in our plan.  We set out our towels near him and then she asked him if we could borrow some suntan lotion because we had "forgotten" it.  He gave her the lotion, and introduced himself as ****!  My wife couldn't keep from a quick supressed giggle since she had been joking all morning about going out "hunting for a ****"!  She cleverly disguised it in a sneeze, and began to spread lotion on my back.  She continued chatting with ****, and then  turned the conversation to a passionate discourse about how sensual an act it was to spread lotion of any kind on someone'sbody.  She talked about the softness, and the intimacy.  The silkiness of the feel of the lotion on the skin, the feel of running your hands all over someone else's body, and I told her that she'd better stop talking, because I was starting to get excited (just as we had planned).  **** responded just as we had hoped, saying that he too was getting excited and he made the next step himself by saying that he wished he had a beatiful woman like my wife to rub lotion on him.  I told him that she could do it for him when she was done with me.  She then proceeded to give me a very sensual "massage" with the lotion, including sliding her hands into my shorts to get right up to the top of my legs, and ****'s eyes constantly flashed between her sexy body, her beautiful face and her hands (whenever they came near my *** or my ****).  I am sure that he was wondering whether she would be as "free" when she was spreading the lotion on him next.  Little did he know, that he would get far MORE attention of that kind than I did.  You see, I had one requirement of the guy that I wanted to play with, he must be circumcized.  So, we had planned a couple different ways for her to find out if he was cut or not.  The suntan lotion simply provided an easy opportunity for her to check.  She had rubbed the lotion all over his back, and then when she got down to his suit, she pulled it down about 2 inches, and spread the lotion over his lower back and onto his ***. But her hand didn't stop where the bathing suit started, and I watch as she slid her hand in and rubbed lotion all over his ***.  He looked at me, and I pretended to be looking for something in my back pack. He looked up at her, and she giggled and pulled her hand back out.

"Roll over and I'll do the rest" she told him, but he hesitated because he had become quite excited by this time, and it was very obvious in his bathing suit.  She teased him, and he finally rolled over, and my wife added the icing on the cake.  She informed me that she had proof that Applying Lotion was sensual, because **** had a big stiffie as a result of her applications.  As she said this, she reached over and gave his **** a tug, just before I "looked up" to see what she was saying.  He was flushed, and excited from her attention, and I think that it was heightened by the fact that she was doing it "behind my back", and that they could get "caught" by me at any time.

I laughed, and stood up to show the bulge in my suit and told him that I understood why he was excited, and that mine was still hard from when she did me.  I then went back to rummaging in my back pack (where my sunglasses allowed me to see everything that went on) and my wife went back to applying the lotion to his front.  She started at his head and worked down to his waist, but this time only allowed her fingertips to go under his suit (as she had done with me).  I knew just how big a tease it was to have a woman be so close to my **** without touching it, and I knew that his **** was screaming to be touched.  This was the main part of our plan: to get a guy so horny, that he would do ANYTHING to get into my wife's *****.

Next she went down to his feet, and started working her way up to his crotch.  When she got to the leg of his bathing shorts, she lifted up the fabric and the webbing inside allowing her to see his ****.  She was working the side away from me, and was blocking view from the other side with her body, so she lingered there for a while, looking at his ****, he watching her and glancing at me to see if I knew what was up.  I was playing with my Ipod, and didn't notice a thing (haha!).  She gave me a thumbs up (he was circumcized), and gave his **** another long pat and squeeze before returning to his other leg.  This time, when she reached his suit, she lifted it again, this time on my side, so I could see his hard on.  **** had a pretty nice ****!  It wasn't quite as thick as mine, but was a little bit longer.  This time, she quickly finished her job, and cover him back up.  I saw her place her hand right on top of his throbbing hard on, to as she stood up, putting a lot of pressure on that straining memeber of his and elicited a little grunt from our prey.

I knew now, that he would do anything to get relief for his affliction.  We had a jaccuzi at our condo, and it was a two minute ride away.  I told my wife that we should have brought food, and she suggested that we go home where we could grill some steaks, have a few drinks, and use the jacuzzi.  She turned to ****, and although her back was to me, I could see that she was pulling down one of her bra cups, and pulling aside her bottoms to expose one of her pert little ******* and her sexy little ***** with it's little Adolph Hitler moustace patch of pubic hair.  She told him that he was coming with us, rather than asking him.  "You're going to come with us aren't you? We can't go off and enjoy ourselves knowing that you are here all alone."  He quickly assented, and was packed and ready to go long before we were.  Such enthusiasm!.. I wondered what was going through his mind just then.  Was he wondering how he was going to sneak off with her when I wasn't looking, or what?  We had a two-seater sports car, so I told him to get in, and my wife sat on his lap.  No fear of his hard on going away on the drive to our house.  I could see that me wife had slipped one of her hands underneath her ***, and was playing with his ****.

When we got to the condo, we went in and I told her to take him to the jacuzzi, and that I'd make drinks and meet them out there.  I couldn't see it from the bar, but I knew what my wife was doing.  I could picture her stripping out of her bikini as soon as she hit the jaccuzzi room, and bending over in front of **** to turn on the bubbles.  She later told me that her had walked up behind her, and started stroking her wet *****, saying that she had been teasing him all afternoon, and it was his turn.  She stayed in that position for a few moments, enjoying his touch, and then stood up and pulled away. 

Next, she set the trap..."What about my husband?" to which he stumbled some remark about not knowing what to do.  She then explained to **** that she and I had once talked about sharing a guy, and that if he would be willing to have some contact with me, that she thought that she'd be able to "convince" me to go along.  By this time, I was right around the corner, and could hear them and see their reflection in the window.  She was pulling down his bathing suit, and started stroking his ****. 

It wasn't even a challenge! "Yes" he said, "I'll do whatever you want, just promise me that you'll **** me!"  So my wife proceeded to "conspire" with him how to get me to join them!  What an easy mark a man with a hard on is for a woman!  She told him to make a comment about how nice my **** was when I came in and took off my trunks.  Then she would "dare" him to play with it, and then she would drive the situation so that everyone got laid.  He agreed, and slipped into the jacuzzi. 

I entered the room, passed out the drinks, and slipped off my trunks.  On cue, **** told me that he thought that I had a nice ****.  My wife slipped into the jucuzzi next to him, and I could see from the angle of her arm that she had ****'s **** in her hand.  She shouted out "Now that is something I'd like to see! ****, I dare you to stroke my husband's ****!"  I sat down on the first step of the stairs going down into the jacuzzi as **** stood up, not saying a word, with a funny look of embarrasement excitement and (I think) even a little curiosity on his face.  He reached out, and clumsily stroked my ****.  He didn't look up at my face, but watched his own hand as it first stroked my **** and then fondled my balls.  Without encouragement, **** used his one hand to stroke my **** as he used the other to fondle my balls.  It seemed as if someone has become a willing participant!  In order to stroke me, **** had stood up, and his **** was sticking straight out as he fondled my **** and balls.  My wife reached around him from both sides, bring her hands together, and stroked his **** and balls just as he was doing to me.  Soon, she slid around, sat on a stair, and slipped his engorged **** into her mouth.  She backed off of his **** for a moment, and asked: "would you do this to him too?"  A gasp escaped ****'s lips when I was expecting him to say no, and in a hoarse and husky voice he replied" "sure". 

That was how it happened, that I came to be sitting there, on the edge of my jacuzzi, having my **** sucked by a guy who had never sucked a **** before, possibly never thought that he ever would.  My wife joined him, and encouraged him along.  "Suck on the tip, and stroke the shaft like this.  Yes that is good.  Now use your mouth to go up and down on his shaft along with your hand.  Yes, that is great.  She started stroking his **** again, and kept up her commentary.  Keep sucking ****, you like that don't you.  And you Jack, do you like having this virgin mouth suck your ****? Stroke it ****, you hot **** sucker, he's gonna ***. No take it in your mouth, yes, swallow that hot load".  An he did! My wife showed me just how much power a woman has over a man.  He took my full load into his mouth, and just kept sucking.  He sucked up every dop of ***, then pulled back and licked my **** and balls, the whole time my wife never stopped stroking his ****.

After that, my wife and I told **** to get up on the edge of the jacuzzi, and she and I proceded to suck him off in turns.  I asked him if he wanted to *** into my mouth as I had in his, but he said that he wanted nothing else but my wife's *****, so we went out onto the deck (about 150' from the beach, but with some scrub growth on the dunes so that it "partially" blocked the view), where we had often had public sex.  I sat down so that I was in profile to the beach (so my **** could be seen if anyone looked) and my wife bent at the waist to suck on it.  **** quickly scooted up behind her and was pumping his long **** into her hot wet ***** from behind in no time.  His screams, as the pent up frustration of hours of teasing were finally relieved, brought numerous stares from passersby on the beach, which gave me another delicious feeling as I came into my wife's expert mouth as they watched. 

We all proceded back into the jacuzzi to drink our drinks, and to discuss what had just happened.  We have gotten together with **** since then, and we even admitted to how we manipulated him that first day, but those are other stories...


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What an awesome experience! Very hot.

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