A ******* While Truckers Watched

My wife flashes her 40DDD **** for the truckers every time we go out which is usually at least once a week.  She needs a lot of encouragement to do so and I know she only does it because it pleases me.  The first time was in 1986 and it was actually more than flashing.  We were living in Kentucky and we were on the way back home from sightseeing at some caves.  At that time she was only about a 36D, but she was still large busted.

I told my wife I was getting sleepy and I hoped she would give me a blow job while I was driving to help keep me awake.  She said sure.  She pulled her **** out of her blouse and bra before she unzipped me and started rubbing my hard ****.  After a little massaging, she leaned over, still in her seatbelt and started working on my **** with her mouth. 

 It was a turn-on to be getting a blow job while driving down the highway and you can beat, it kept me awake.  Fortunately it was not a busy interstate and I felt reasonably safe because of that.  However there were some 18-wheelers on the road and it wasn't long before we started to come up the left side of one.  I wondered if my wife would pause or not, but she kept right on working on my ****.

Unfortunately the truck driver couldn't see her naked ****, but there could be no doubt he knew she was sucking on my ****.  I'm sure he couldn't see her mouth around my **** either, but her head was in my lap and it was going up and down.  Granted we might have been fooling him but that wasn't the case.  She must have heard the noise of the truck, but that didn't deter her at all. 

She has always been a good ********** and she wasn't letting me down.  She didn't slow down at all.  Nowadays I have a CB in the car and I listen to what the truckers are saying when they see my wife showing them her naked ****.  But back then I didn't yet have a CB.  We didn't stay next to the trucker very long, maybe half a minute, but it was long enough for him to give an appreciative blast on his horn.  That didn't disturb my wife at all; she kept right on working my **** over as we pulled away from the trucker.

I had been trying to hold out for as long as I could, but after such an outstanding show by my wife, I couldn't stop myself from coming.  She gave me a huge smile and I loved her for it.  I was amazed that she was so cooperative with doing me while being watched, as she always needs so much encouragement to do things that are a whole lot less forward.  I guess it might have been the fact that her face and her naked **** were not visible.  Who knows, and I don't care; it was great of her and I love her for it.

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My wife will sometimes go topless for me while we're on the IH. I love the way she likes it but won't talk about it. She pretends to shy but loves to show her its when people pass us or we pass them. Sometimes she'll drape a hand partly over one breast but still leaving the other to be seen and look at the other drivers. She also loves to give me a blow job while we're driving and lets others know she is.

OMG...I love highway sex. My wife and I have done it on a number occasions and it is so hot when strangers see her playing. We often take her travel bullet so she can *** while being watched. Thanks for sharing...I love your stories! dc