******* At The Waterfront

A couple years back i was out with the most sexy girl... 10 years older, hot and ready to go... we both knew we wanted it and had to find somewhere to play. closeby was a park which we thought would be quiet. we went down there and got started, her skirt came up, underwear got moved to the side and my pants dropped to the path. she took me and stuck me inside her while we pushed together still standing up. a couple mins later we realised the park was not so quiet when another couple came wandering past. there we were, me inside her, pressing up together while these other people walked withing a couple feet from us.... but this just got us going harder. when they left, the hard ******* became a crazy session with us clawing at eachother.

it was brilliant!

happynude happynude
31-35, M
Mar 10, 2010