I Was Purposed To Afterwards

No it wasn't cause of the great sex either. lol. Any way one time when we still were living in our first apartment I was heading to the shower. I got undressed and before I was even in the shower I turned around to see him standing there nude with a big grin on his face. So of course we both were getting into the shower. He turned the water on to come out really hot like we both like it. He turned to me and started to kiss me as he slid his fingers into me. I let out a sigh as he did. He stuck his fingers deeper in me and I moaned and started to fall into him. I reached for his **** and started to stroke him. He then bite my neck. Then he turned me around and I bent down in front of him. He entered my extremely wet *****. The water flowing down over us as I moaned and he grunted. He was holding unto my hips and thrusting deep inside me. I came over and over. This was the first time I yelled out his name. It felt so good and I was really getting emotionally attached to him at this time. My legs were really starting to get shaky by now. Then he played with my **** while he was still getting me from behind. I could feel myself getting ready to have one hell of an ****** and I could feel he was to. I couldn't hold back at all and I came hard. My ***** getting tight around his ****. He then burst inside me. It felt so amazing. After we both had came I came up to kiss him. He slammed me against the shower wall and rammed his tongue into my mouth. We tongue wrestled for a few minutes and then we actually started to clean ourselves. This was the first time he told me about all these things he had that are worth a lot of money. A lot of stuff he has from his life before me. He told me all about this. He told me that he had a lot of money at one time before he met me. (a lot of woman only wanted him for his money at that time) I didn't say much about it and then he asked if I wanted him to leave. I said no why would I? He had given me a few things to and where other woman didn't want it I kept it (and yes I cried a little when he gave it to me) I told him that I was really falling for him and I want him to be happy with staying with me. That's when he looked at me and asked me to marry him. I got shocked at first but I did say yes. Here we are still together. And still having great sex in the shower. ;)
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Great story. IF, a big IF, you find someone that is so completely sexually compatible that is fantastic. Lucky couple.

Yeah it's really crazy how compatible we are.

It's great though. Some people never find that right mix.