Be Careful...

Sex in the shower is amazing but you need to be careful. A few years back, me and my girlfriend were in the shower together. She asked me to wash her body for her and I wasn't about to turn her down. So I scrubbed every inch of her body with the loofa. Needless to say, this was turning me on. We started to kiss and then I decided to kneel in the shower and eat her out. She was so clean and smooth down there, I just couldn't resist.

I licked her until she couldn't take anymore and asked me to stop. I kissed my up her body to her neck...

Next thing I know I know I am on my back in the shower with my girlfriend standing over me. I black out from lack of oxygen. I assume it was from a combination of the steam, breathing heavy, and standing up to quickly. Talk about a mood killer. She helped me up and made me go lay in bed. We didn't finish our shower together. It took a long time before she would allow me to shower with her again.

So be careful all you shower sex people.
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Jan 20, 2013