Lino Burns

Yep, lino burns, you read it right.

I met 'M' on a flight to Canada. Her sister gave my mate her number to give to me later. I called 'M' and arranged a date for a few days time.
I called around at her house and we went out for a meal, the first restaurant that she took me to had closed down.
She said "I don't get out much". But the second one was good, so was the meal and we were having a laugh and flirting outrageously. I took her home and went in for a nitecap, just the one as I was driving. We started to get to know each other better - physically.
'We can't do it here, but there is a motel down the road'. We booked around 11 o'clock and got straight to it. We virtually ripped each others clothes off. M is petite, absolutely gorgeous. She lay on the bed and I kissed and licked her everywhere, although I did miss a couple of areas on the way down and on the way up too until I reached her nipples. I feasted on them sucking, nibbling, licking until she was pushing my head southwards.

I LOVE EATING ***** and I showed her how much I enjoyed it. I held her wrists by her hips and buried my tongue as deep as it would go then I'd slide it up to her **** and work on that before licking her out again. Boy can she buck, it was hard work. LOL. She was making quite a row, but I couldn't hear a thing as M had trapped my head between her thighs.

I then moved up and she reached down and guided my **** into herself eagerly. Her knees came up and I tried to take it slow but it was difficult. After a while she dug her nails into my bum and I stopped and let it happen. I came.
Because I stopped, I didn't go soft and after a few seconds rolled her onto her side so that one leg was between mine and continued my pounding. She was taking it all, over and over. This time I reached down and placed a finger on her ****. About that time she chewed through the first pillow. Then I could feel the pressure building, my balls lifting so I stopped - and let it happen. I came.
The next position was doggy. I placed her knees close together and pushed her shoulders down and really let her have it. I wasn't going to stop till I exploded. I told her to clench and grip me. I gripped her hips and ****** her as hard and fast as I could. I slapped her butt, once each side and continued to ram into her.
The bed was complaining, she had a mouthful of the other pillow, eyes screwed shut as she got screwed.
I slid my hands under her a gripped each nipple hard and as I thrust forward I'd make sure hat my balls were slapping her **** and I'd pull her nipples.
I exploded. I just let it out and roared as I came, her butt was bouncing with every thrust.

We rolled over and she snuggled into me. There were tears in her eyes and a big grin on her face.

We dozed for a short while then M said that she had to go home.

The next morning I called round to her house and within a short time we were on the floor.
M said 'You lie back it's my turn'. 'Not on the carpet' I said
That is how I ended up on my back on the lino in the kitchen. She put my hands behind my head and told me to keep them there. M proceeded to do what I had the night before, ending up sitting on my ****. She played with my nipples as she rode me. M came a few times before I did. Then she climbed off and went down on me again licking and sucking me clean getting me hard again. She climbed back on and started again. I couldn't stop myself and reached forward and pulled on her nipples until her face was above me. One of my hands went behind her head and held her in a kiss while the other went down her back to hold her in place. Then I used my hips and started to **** her. She was moaning into my mouth. I slid my hand down lower until I could feel my **** sliding in and out of her. I juiced up my fingers and then rimmed her until I could feel her relaxing. All the time she was getting closer to another O, and as I could feel her ***** clenching I pushed my finger deep in her arse and she bucked and twitched. I came inside her, strong jets of come filling her.
When we were in the shower later. I was very tender on the small of my back. Unpon inspection I had severe 'carpet' burns.

So beware. LOL. f2w
far2wicked far2wicked
51-55, M
Jul 28, 2010