Having Naked Sex On The Living Room Floor!

After 25 years of marriage, individual sex acts don't tend to stand out in your mind...unless they are not repeated but once...

But in my memory, something like having sex on the living room floor of your parents' house stands out. Let me explain.

Several years ago, when my family came to visit Grandma, she had quite a time trying to find beds for all four of us, my wife, myself, and two kids. As it turned out, grandma had saved my old bed, and my sister's, so the two kids had a place to bed down.

My wife and I were left to bed down on the living room floor, but it's not as bad as it seems. Grandma had invested in a foam pad, about 2 inches thick and rolled up. We had a fitted sheet over this thin mattress and one to cover with, but on a warm, humid summer evening, this was certainly not going to be used. Instead, we had a sheet or two, and several pillows, some of which we brought from home to assist with our drifting off to dreamland. Except we didn't.

My wife and I ******** off after the kids and everyone had gone upstairs to bed, and started cuddling on the makeshift mattress. The foam was surprisingly comfortable, and worked reasonably well if you were laying down flat, spreading your weight. If you were kneeling, well, it was at least some padding before your knee impacted the old carpeting and pad below it. It wasn't bad.

And the sex wasn't bad either. I recall after getting some cuddling and maybe some Intensive Care skin lotion on her body, my wife warmed up considerably and started purring like a kitten as I massaged her nude back. Her hand, palm up, seemed to naturally fall between my knees, and as I sat back on my heels, she had a perfect reach to fondle my balls. I was erect before  long, and my wife was getting turned on as well.

When I rolled her over, I ran the lotion up her legs and up to her crotch. With a few gentle motions, I had parted her legs and lifted one to my shoulder. Her vulva was open and wet to my touch, and I rubbed a bit, raising her arousal to a fever pitch. I leaned forward and with a little adjustment in height with a pillow, held her ankles out at arms length.  She was spread eagle to me.

I entered her without difficulty and started rocking, ******* her slowly and steadily.

The lights were off, and the mercury vapor light from down the street illuminated the curtain sheers enough to make a soft electric blue glow that illuminated the sheets and made her naked body stand out against the white sheets. I realized here I was in my childhood home, ******* a woman without protection while my family was asleep in their beds upstairs.

OMG, was I turned on!

After ramming her several minutes, she fingered her *****, and then wanted to roll over.  I knew what this meant. She was getting very turned on, and wanted it "doggie style".  So I helped her guide her legs and roll over, raising her butt to me.  With a minimal amount of effort, I was in her again, and pumping away, rubbing the front wall of her vagina with my ****, and hearing her breathing  deepen.  Her feet popped up from the mattress, a clear sign that she wanted them held, and so I gripped each ankle firmly and carefully lifted, spreading her slightly.  You have to be careful doing this, because it can cause back strain, and it pretty much traps the person with their face planted into their pillow or on their folded arms. They're pinned.

This is why my wife loves this, because it feeds into her fantasy of being taken by an anonymous Scottish lover, who is taking her against her will. Plus, the angle is good for stroking her G-spot, and often she'll stretch a hand down between her legs and play with her ****.  Myself, if I'm not holding her ankles, which takes a bit of coordination to continue thrusting with the pelvis and maintaining contact with her ***** by not withdrawing too much... well, if I lean forward over her back, I need to support myself with one stiff arm on the mattress but the other hand is free to fondle or tug on her dangling 38D breasts.  By now, she's plenty turned on, so any pinching of the nips or aeorla is a definite turn on. No turning back now, we're both too hot.

It wasn't long before I was pushing in firmly and feeling that old familiar build-up to climax.  Fortunately, she was building to climax as well, and began moaning in time with my thrusts and her playing with her ****.  "Oh, oh, OH, OH OOOHHHHH...."

As she moans and then stops pleasuring herself, I find myself pumping my ***** deep within her wet walls, and thrust to get the last of it out.  As she comes back to earth, I lower her ankles, and she rolls over onto her side, I start to collapse forward and give her a deep, wet kiss, breaking off to drop down and nibble her exposed breasts.  Too sensitive, she moves to shield them, but I've already gotten them wet, and she giggles a little.  I finish laying down on the mattress, the wetness of my **** staining the sheets.  I think Grandma will throw them in the wash anyway, so who cares if there's some *** stains.  She won't look. 

"Did you come," she asks, "or would you like something else?"   Oh yes, I came... hard.  I'm a little surprised that she couldn't tell, as the wetness in her *****  increased when I came.  But it's not a problem for her.  She scoots closer to share my warmth.

As we cuddle together, I pull the sheets up to keep my wife warm.  Her breathing deepens and soon she is gently snoring. 
Yes, this is one experience that I'm going to remember clearly for years.
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How about with the hubby sleeping in the bedroom.