Living Room

Hubby and I were fooling around sitting watching TV teasing one another. He eventually wrestled me down on the floor holding my arms well up over my head and sitting astride me. I couldn't move. The I saw the evil gleam in his eye. I was only wearing track suit top and pants. His free hand started roaming my body. Oh god, talk about pushing my buttons . I totally forgot about my hands as he kissed licked and sucked on me.

Button 1: moan-  as he continued his exploration of my body. My mind was lost in the sensations that came flooding in

Button 2:: whimper and moan - as his hands reached inside my track pants and panties and slowly stroked me while sucking on my hard erct nipples.

Button 3: cry, whimper and moan - track pants & panties removed, his tongue dancing in and around my ***** while continued firm but gentle massge of my breasts and nipples

Button 4:Begging him to please please take me or let me ***. while doing all 3 above.Up to the edge and back off, up to the edge and back off. He played me like well tuned intrument is played by a master.

Buitton 5:: Screaming as he pounded into me on the living room floor and ******* and *******. Oh god. Well and truly f*cked

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

love to have been the one given you a good poundin