Yes, A Very Distant Memory From The 60's

I just stumbled on to this topic, and it reminded me of the one and only time. I still remember it fondly.

I had asked a girl out. We had spoken a few times since she had broken up with her boyfriend, and she was very exciting to me. I knew she was much, much more experienced then I was. I had had sex with only one other girl and she had moved away. I had heard that this girl took birth control pills, I knew what that meant, and this was before pills were even readily available for young women.

I think we both had the same idea, but I didn't realize it, I was so naive. We went out and parked in the woods. Maybe we had dinner or went to the movies, but all I remember is the sex. We were soon making out and it was a surprise to me when she started to undo me belt and had her hand in my pants. I was still in kissing mode, she was way aggressive, but I was hoping to get her pants too. So it was obvious to me now that it was likely to happen.

She was so far ahead of me that she asked if I wanted to ****! Holy ****.  I had one of those old Jaguars that are not too big inside, just two bucket seats and a gearshift in between, so it wasn't going to happen inside. I had no blankets, the woods likely had snakes or weird bugs, neither of us wanted that. The other issue as she shared it, much to my continued surprise, was that she was near the end of her period. This was some aggressive girl. I don't remember how the car hood came up, but soon we were on the car hood going at it.

Since she was only my second, I was mighty excited, she was good, and it was outrageous and wonderful as far as I was concerned. I don't think she was disappointed either. The next morning I went out to go somewhere and there were blood smears on the hood and even the windshield. Evidence of a wild evening of youthful fun. I never washed that hood,  gradually the rain washed away the evidence.
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I bet you parked the car in the front row at school that whole week. Cool story.