On The Hood

As a young man I dated a girl for a good while who was a college student by day and bar tender at night. She was a beautiful leggy blonde, who quickly learned that more leg translated into more tips. And man I’m not exaggerating when I say she had a mile of leg.

Ours was a hot and heavy summer romance; the kind where you’d steal away to many out of the way places to get at one another. Privacy was always an issue, I had bothersome roommates and she lived at home. Needless to say we found many a location to get steamy; the 18th hole at the neighborhood golf course, sand dunes at the beach, on the tailgate on a back road dead-end and more.

Of particular memory was a hot summer night after her closing shift. I can still picture her pretty face, long blonde hair, tanned shoulders underneath a barely there sheer halter top, and her tiny skirt and pink pumps (a staple piece of apparel back then for lady bartenders). This was her wicked hot bar temptress outfit that garnered bountiful tips. Did I mention her legs (there’s another story about that)?

After her closing shift and many shooters we were fooling around in the bar parking lot. There was a gathering of patrons in the parking lot nearby. They were drinking and chatting, not ready to end the party and not paying attention to us. She and I were getting heavy when I boosted her up onto the hood of her little foreign car, cinched up her skirt, pulled her little undies to the side and worked my fingers in. She was really into it at that moment; she reached down and released me. In a second I slid right in. There we were going at it good with a bunch of drunks a few car lengths away. There were many other great hood and trunk bouts for her and me but this one stands out.

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Mmm, I should add my own story about bare skin on the hot hood of a car that had just been turned off before my jeans were ******** away and I was set on top of it for quick fun... Thanks for the reminder of that guy I talked to, little, but did it with, a lot... Everywhere...

I would like to read that story.

Whew! That is one hot story! ***furiously fanning***

Thanks, just trying to put the "experience" back into the Experience Project. Not much of it on here these days. Glad you enjoyed.

At least you can....I think I'm going to have to start making some confessions to post my experiences. ...

Love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Pix. Glad you dropped in!

Wow, wonderful memories of ""YOUTH"" !!! :)