Top Of The Mountain

My husband had been trying to get me to go climbing with his buddies for a long time. Finally he did not give me a choice, he said I had to go with them on a 5 day trip. I had never gone. The first few days were incredible. The area we were climbing in was absolutely beautiful. We had only had mediocre weather so I was not up for trying anything, just sat and watched the 5 men I was with as they climbed and played on the ropes.

Finally on the 4th day we were their it was warmer so I decided to try a few smaller climbs. It was incredible, and very hard. Afterwords, my husband said he wanted to go hiking with just me and do a picknick lunch. We set off up the trail and told the guys we would be back in a few hours. As we hiked, we could see them group climbing as we hiked up the trail. The trail was very steep and it was hot so we stopped frequently for water. Each time, my husband and I would also take the opportunity to make out a little bit.

About half way up the hill, it was very hot so my husband took off his shirt and I ******** down to my bra. We continued to hike and was almost to the top when we took our last break. This was a longer break because we could just not keep our hands off each other. We made out and fooled around for the longest time. We kissed and I stroked him through his shorts and he teased me through my bra. Just as we were about to head to the top, he got silly and splashed me with some water. Got my bra all wet and made my nipples totally visible. He smiled and ran up the trail.

We finally made it to the top of the mountain and the view was incredible. It was totally clear and we could see for miles. If we walked around to one side, we could see the guys climbing on the other side of the valley, they seemed very small so low in the valley. We spread out the blanket and was getting situated for lunch when totally out of the blue, my husband grabbed me and kissed me hard. He held me hard against a rock and pushed his shaft against my belly. He kissed me and worked his way up to my ear. He asked if I was in the mood to be naughty. I told him sure. He ******** off my bra and told me that he wanted to eat lunch with me topless so he could see all of me.

We ate for about half an hour chatting and enjoying the food and view. Suddenly we heard a noise and turned to find someone running up the trail. My husband was shocked, but I just sat there. The guy ran up and around us but did not really notice us as he had his headphones on and we were on teh back side of a rock from him. I think it sent my husband over the edge because as soon as he was sure he was out of site, he came over to me and said it was his turn to be naughty.

He pulled down his shorts to reveal to me his semi hard penis which was freshly shaved. He had never shaved it before and knew I wanted him to try it. I could not help it, I reached up and cupped his balls in my hand and gently stroked them for him. He stood there as I began to have my way with him. I teased his balls and squeezed his shaft as it started to harden. In no time it was sticking strait up and begging for me so I gently took the tip into my mouth. I sucked it gently as I continued to tease his balls for him. I kissed my way down his long shaft and began sucking his bare balls each rolling around in my mouth gently.

Finally, it was all he could take, he pushed me back onto the blanket and quickly ******** off my shorts and panties. He lifted my legs high into the air as he kissed and licked my lips to make sure they were wet. Then he kissed his way up my body and found each sun warmed nipple just waiting for him. As he kissed my neck and ears, I moaned for him, I could feel him poking against my lips as he did.

Then he rolled me over onto my knees and told me that if we were going to do it in the wild, we had better do it like they do in the wild. He quickly positioned himself behind me and stroked my wet lips and ****. I was totally oblivious to much right away. It felt so good for him to be this way. Then he positioned his **** against my opening and gently began pulling on my hips. With one rough pull, he slide his full rock hard **** into me, filling me instantly. I screamed from the pleasure of feeling it slide through the openeing and bucked my had back. He grabbed my hair with one hand and began using it as leverage as he tried to force his huge **** deeper and deeper inside of me. It was incredible to feel the warmth of the sun on my bare body as he worked on me.

He reached down and cupped my breasts and squeezed for a while and he worked it in and out of me. I was begining to build to my ****** when I could feel his coming too. He always gets really fat and stiff just before he explodes. Suddenly he let out a groan and and squeel as he started to explode inside of me. I could no longer take it and let out a scream that echoed through the rockes. My body twitched and shook every time he filled me with more ***. After several minutes of him filling me, he finally pulled himself out.

As he did, he began rubbing his *** into my body like lotion. As it flowed from my lips he rubbed it around on my bare butt and legs until it was finally all used up. I was still horny, but we were running out of time. To get down before dark so we packed up and headed down the mountain.

About half way down, I could not resist any longer so as we were taking our water break, I took him in my arms and told him I wanted him again, right then and right there. He put me up on a rock and pulled my shorts down. Then he pulled his down and pulled out his semi hard **** again. He slid it into me and gave me all I wanted. He pounded me right there on the trail. If someone had come along, the would not have missed us. I whispered that in his ear several times. After about twenty minutes of pounding my wet lips with his bare and soaking wet balls, he finally let loose with his second load of ***. It was not as big as the first, but he still had to rub it into my skin and his.

It was an increcible afternoon of some of the hottest sex we have ever had. Only thing is, now my breasts iche like crazy because they got partialy sun burned from being exposed for so long. But he takes good care of that as well.
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Awesome story....again!

Thanks for sharing. That was very sexy and well written. Glad you and your husband enjoy eachother so much!

Outdoors sex is hard to was one of our favorite past times.

Great story!
You tell them so well, you had me rock hard as read it.

wow that was one of the best stories ... its what i would like to do with my gf

very nice , i like that . I would have loved to be up there with you guys in the mountains, i would be ther watching the both of you especially as he was taking you from behind . It wide be hot to see him taking you that way.

I used to climb some and, consequently, have heard a number of stories of sex on or around the rock. Yours is the best so far.

Very hot.

Absolutly fantastic story - very good

wow...thats hot<br />
That's mine ultimate fantasy !

Sensual and very erotic - well done.

Sensual and very erotic - well done.

That was great thanx sex is so much better outdoors

Super hot story! Love it!!

Good story, perhaps mountain hiking has become your favorite pasttime be sure to take the sunscreen with you next time though. Sunburned nipples have to be really uncomfortable

Great and very hot story. Thank you.

very well written story indeed.....i am glad there is someone like who has had such an experience...its one of many fantasies to do it under the blue just helped me add some more color to my fantasy...wish you both more such awesome togetherness!

That was a hot story. Got me hard.

Sounds like you'll be going on more climbing and hiking adventures.<br />
Thanks for sharing.

wow, wounds like you guys a great fun. My wishes to you for more like this...fantastic experience though isnt it?

Sounds like a wonderful time. I'm glad you went with him and enjoyed it. Always good to try new things. Especially when it works out like that! Best wishes to the both of you....

I think you are an incredible woman, you are absolutely beautiful and your man is very-very lucky. You are now my friend!

sounds like you had quite a fun!!

I've done tis with my wife a feew times, too. It is a totaly remarkable experience You two know how to live!!!

That was A great story I Love the outdoors & I'd also B Happy 2 panper U'r Breasts 4 U !!

What a mix of what seems to be imprompt but also planned and well thought out - except for the visitor. There's something about being in nature. Wonderful story and thanks for sharing.