First Time Outside

Hey all you fellow EPers! As some of you know, we're a married couple who likes to play online on EP together. If you haven't tried it yet with your significant other, you should - it's great foreplay!!! Ha!! Anyhow, I'm Steph and he's J. Hope you enjoy the story!

J - The first time outdoors, huh? It goes back a ways to when we were first dating and we were young and horny ALL THE TIME. I must have lost 15 pounds those first four months to a year!! You were screwing my brains out all the time!

Steph - Remember that holiday weekend when we locked ourselves in the house and had sex 5 or 6 times a day. Wow!

J - how could I forget???!!! But this story came beforehand. We went out to a game for our local baseball team. And we were pretty loaded by the time we got there as we had been partying beforehand in the bars. Our team was terrible that year, but nosebleed tickets were really cheap and we could walk home from there.

S - that's right! They were awful.

J - That's why we had our section pretty much to ourselves after about the 7th inning. I remember you were wearing jean shorts, flipflops and a tanktop with the team logo on it with no bra.

S - of course I was braless! When we first starting dating, I think I only owned one bra. Maybe not even that many!!! LOL

J - anyhow, I remember how hot it was. And I remember your nipples being so perky they were threatening to rip apart that tank top, as always.

S - the whole section was empty and we started making out, which led to heavy petting, which led to me taking your c@ck out of your pants. I remember how nervous you were at first, trying to hide me stroking you with your baseball cap!

J - well....I ended up being right, didn't I?

S - LOL. Yes, you did. They turned on the Kiss Cam and.....

J - as soon as we saw that, we stopped immediately.

S - :( You're right, we did! But we didn't stop there!

J - Let me describe Steph for you all. She's absolutely gorgeous - thin, athletic, great toned legs and t*ts that make my mouth water. Perky, great nipples, and she's not shy about showing them of. Anyway, we walk back to our apartment building and I can't keep my hands of her breasts or my tongue out of her mouth. Again, it was a brand new relationship and we were screwing like crazy all the time. We get to our alleyway where her car was parked alongside our building. It's dark out except for the light on the back of the building. Steph sits up on the trunk of her car (a sedan) and we keep making out. I, of course, pull her tank top down to below her boobs immediately.

S - set those girls free!! LOL

J - I always have to - just can't resist.

S - so, there I am, sitting on the trunk of my car, my breasts out and I take J out of his pants and really go after him. I get down on my knees and just start going to town! My knees had little pock marks in them for days from the gravel on the asphalt. At some point, we had a little discussion about whether we should stop or not. We didn't!!

J - The rest is all blur but I distinctly remember taking Steph on the trunk and all the noise we made. Steph does NOT climax quietly!

S - and after I climaxed, you tried to @#$ all over my t*ts.

J - 'tried' being the operative word. I totally missed and hit the back window.

S - yeah, I drove around in that car with that little reminder on the back window for weeks!! Every time I looked at it, though, I got a little wet - so that was nice. Rate up this story and maybe we'll post the one about sex in the woods on a ATV or about the one in the park!!

XXOO - Steph and J

(and for those of you with poor imaginations, here's a pic of me - kisses, Steph - add as a friend, we have better pics for ya!)

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What a fond farewell to leave in the car! Fun! --DW


Great story and format...

Love it...

Very sexy!


I remember ties like that in my own life. Ahhhh, those were the days.

Loved your hot story... do you continue with hot risky sex? And finally, to your pic, "set those babies free!"

I like the pic. Would love to see more. Add me as a friend and you can enjoy my pics as well.