Home Run

I didn't even know I was being set up on a "blind date". I had plans to hang out with a new friend, "Becky". She was a cute girl, but we didn't have that kind of connection. I go to her place to hang out and she asks if I could give a friend of hers a lift to work. She said her friend Jen was working as a bartender and we could hang at the bar and listen to the live band. I had only just started to get to know Becky and didn't know her friends yet, so I agreed. As we started to drive to Jen's place Becky got a call on her cell.  It was a guy she knew who was currently living in Connecticut, we all lived in N.Y. He was in town for two days and wanted to hang out. She told him where to meet us all at and when. When she hung up the phone she confessed she had a long time crush on this guy but they never hooked up. When we arrived at Jen's, Becky asked me to wait in the car as she thought Jen was running late. When they came out of the house together I was surprised at how hot Jen looked. She was drop dead sexy. We drove to the bar and the girls were rattling off a storm of conversation as they gave me directions to get to this bar in a town I had not been to before. When we got there we started to have a few drinks. Becky and her friend Steve were talking and it became very obvious that Steve was as into Becky as she was into him. Jen was having a busy night behind the bar and I couldn't get her attention, she didn't seem that into me. I was having an ok night. I was happy for Becky, but I was really feeling like a third wheel. I asked Becky if she was ok with Steve giving her a ride home as I was going to call it a night (it was only 1:30). She asked me to wait a minute and she went to the bar and spoke a bit to Jen, and then they darted to the ladies room. A couple of minutes later Becky comes back and tells me that the bar closes at three, but Jen can get off work in an hour. She told me that she and Jen were both hungry and wanted to know if we could all go to a diner. I said sure, figuring the night was a total loss, but one more hour wouldn't hurt. When Jen's shift ended she came out from behind the bar and said we should all go. We all got up and got into my car, Steve was a little to drunk to drive. The girls again gave me directions on how to get to "a real good diner in the area". As we drove we turned off the main road and started driving on residential streets. I was beginning to think both girls were too drunk to give proper directions, when we made a final left turn to a dead end street with an iron gate blocking the way. The girls quickly jumped out of the back seat and asked if we minded jumping a fence. We both said no and followed the girls to the gate. I helped boost Steve up to the top of the brick wall and then helped the girls get to Steve to helped them over the wall. I scaled the gate and we were all over. Once on the other side I could see in the moonlight that it was a public park. The moon was not quite full but it was a warm summer night with not a cloud in the sky making everything pretty visible. We all started to walk and when we got to an open area the girls just stopped and sat down. Steve and I then also sat down, so that it was (going clockwise) Becky, Steve, Jen, me. The girls were talking for a minute, as I looked around. We were sitting in the outfield of a baseball field. Suddenly the girls stopped talking and leaned close to one another and started to kiss and make out. It was a long and very sexy kiss. It was obvious that this was not the first time they had kissed each other. Steve and I looked at each other in shock and awe. Neither of us new that these girls enjoyed each others company THAT much! HA! When the two girls broke the kiss they looked at us and giggled. Becky leaned in to Steve for a kiss. Jen leaned toward me and we started to kiss. When Jen and I stopped for a second, Becky was quick to get her lips on Jen again. This time the kiss was just as deep but the girls hands were roaming over reach others bodies. When they broke it off again Becky looked at me with a wink and she leaned in to me and we kissed. I could tell that Jen was kissing Steve as well. I was just thinking SCORE, FOURSOME! When Steve said something to Jen and Becky broke off our kiss to look at him and he got up and asked her to go with him. She looked at me and Jen and shrugged her shoulders and said "Have fun" as she left with Steve (the spoil sport).  Both Jen and I looked at each other and had the same thought... 'a foursome would have been really sexy.' We didn't let Steve ruin our fun, though. We started kissing, touching and taking each others clothes off. In no time we were naked and exploring each other. We did it right there on the field. It was such a turn on that we just kept going at it. She had me so turned on she got me h*rd in seconds after making me c*m four times. She was the best **** I had ever had. When we were both exhausted we lie back in the grass and had a bit of a laugh together, when suddenly we heard clapping! We both sat up to see Becky and Steve were standing and giving us a big ovation for the "show' we had just unknowingly put on for them! They had watched from the bleachers the whole time. We just looked at each other and laughed, kissed and decided to give Steve and Becky a ride to his car so Jen and I could get back to her place for another go without the audience. The best part, two weeks after that night, (Steve was back in Connecticut) Jen (my new g/f, at the time) and i were hanging out at Becky's place. Becky confesses she was setting me and Jen up together from the start. The four-way came up as an idea when Jen and Becky were talking in the ladies room and Jen said how good looking she thought I was and Becky agreed then told Jen she wanted to give Steve a night to remember and that she wanted to let us guys in on their little secret they had been sharing for about a year (and no one else knew about). We had a laugh but then the two girls looked at each other, then at me and they started to kiss just as passionately as they had before. Then they looked at me.... but that is another story. 

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36-40, M
Feb 12, 2010