Outside Anal

My wife and I have had sex outdoors many times.  She puts on an act of being reserved, but she will do anything, and I mean anything if she has a little alcohol in her.

A few months ago, while it was still warm here, we had our usual date night.  She dresses up and goes out 1 hour before I do.  She dresses really slutty, usually a short, tight dress with no panties.  I then meet her at a bar and I usually have to run off a guy or two becuase my wife is hot.  Anyway, this last time, she was wearing a white dress with no panties.  We pretended not to know each other at the bar and flirted, kissed and I felt her up.  Yep, no panties.

We then went to go to our car and I took her down a back alley on the way.  There was no one around.  I was kissing her and I reached under her dress and began fingering her.  She was so wet.  I told her she was a bad girl and I was going to rape her.  I spun her around and pulled her dress up over her hips.  I was rock hard.  She thought she was getting ***** ******, but I had different ideas.  I spit on my hand and lubricated my **** with my spit.  I then shoved it between her cheeks and right up into her ***.  She was taken completely off-guard.  We had never done anal outside, much less in a public situation in a downtown alley.  It was dark where we were and no one could see us unless they walked down the same alley or shined a light.  So I tore her *** up right there in the alley, in a pretend rape.  I called her names and told her not to try to get away.  Then I shot my load into her tight ***, right there in the alley that night.  It was one of the most satisfying ******* I had ever had.

I played out the rest of the act. My hard **** was still up my *** as I pushed it all the way up there and leaned toward her ear.  Don't tell anyone about this or I'll find you and rape your *** again.  I then pulled my **** out of her and pulled my pants off and walked to my car, leaving her in the alley.  She called me about 5 minutes later and asked where the hell I was.  We met up at her car and talked about what we had done.  She said it felt like she was really getting raped and she was caught up in the moment.  IT was very thrilling on many levels.  It has been months since we have done that.  I look forward to the warm weather so I can pretend rape my hot wife again. :)

DuxTheTux DuxTheTux
36-40, M
Feb 12, 2010