Oh My Yes!!!!!!

The picture for this group is a perfect example of my first time.  We were on a lake front beach at a secluded cabin.  It was warm out and just a gentle breeze blowing.  We cuddled up in the hammock and was just enjoying the quiet when I felt his hand start to move up and down my side.   I turned towards him and we shared a kiss.  That led to another and soon he was running his hands all over me. 

I reached down and started caressing him through his bathing suit.  I felt him getting so turned on.  He slid his suit down to his knees so that I could stroke him more.  I was getting so wet just thinking about getting him inside of me.  I slipped off my bottoms and straddled him.  We almost turned the hammock over so I slipped down and helped him enter me.  We swayed back and forth till we both came. We must have drifted off because  I awoke an hour later feeling him raising to the occasion again. 

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Great story, a word video,.When I was 60 my married soul mate and I spent the entire night on Lido Beach,in the Long Beach area on NY. It was perfect, a full moon,warm surf gently crashing warm sand, no clothes, no cares. We made love swam then cuddled for warmth, which became a continuing cycle until the sun came up. I drove her home. Her husband asked her where have you been? She said at the beach! He looked at me and said okay but you should have called I got worried. He is such a moron. And his wife and I for the past 47 years have not been single at the same time, but our feelings and relationship have never changed. We love each other, this time I am waiting for her... but she says she can't leave him because he loves her in his own way(no sex, no affection, no conversation) Tell me am I crazy for waiting or Is she for not leaving?

Aaaaah ma pu$sy wet by ur mmm hot story i wana penĂ­s rit now ouhhh am fingring ma pus$y and typing ths

Almost did several times but even if we did I don't think it would have phased him one bit...LOL!!!!!!