New Year Break

One of the most enjoyable occasions of having sex whilst wearing my Kilt was during a New Year break my wife and I took. We had booked into a rather large country house hotel, for a five day break to relax and celebrate the new millennium in style, The hotel had arranged a special package of entertainment evenings leading up to a huge Gala New Years Dinner .
Our First evening was to consist of a Black Tie Dinner, with dancing to follow. I was dressed in full Highland Dress, my wife was looking stunning in a long black silk and sequin dress , splits to above the knee on both sides, low cut to the front, showing off her gorgeous breasts and a deep v cut to the back, we were seated at round tables, 4 couples to a table, very quickly striking up a conversation with a couple around our own age next to us, She was wearing a similar revealing evening dress in electric blue that set off her blonde hair, her husband was looking equally stunning in his tuxedo.
Midway through the meal, the ladies left to powder their noses, leaving John and I, I suggested we nip to the bar to stretch our legs, ordering our drinks John complimented me on my Highland Dress asking how comfortable it was to wear etc. I replied that for these occasions there was nothing comfier and smiling I added that it also had its advantages, too which he enquired as to how that was, settling back at the table we continued our conversation where I explained that when I wore the kilt I always received complimentary looks and the usual questions about my heritage, at this point the ladies returned so our conversation ended.
My wife lent into me slipping her hand onto my thigh and kissed me lightly on the cheek , she then whispered in my ear that she had something for me, grasping my hand below the table, she put something silky and damp in my hand, I opened my hand to find her silk thong, closing my hand I slipped her thong into my jacket pocket, leaning into her I gave her a kiss on the cheek, as she put her hand under my kilt, slowly caressing my inner thigh as she worked her way up towards my now hardening C***, on reaching my c*** she slowly started to massage my shaft to full size, all this as the meal and conversations went on around us, after about half an hour of this furtive massage I felt that I couldn’t take much more of this so grasping her arm I suggested that we ought to go and phone the boys like we had promised, smiling she agreed and we rose from the table, I managed to adjust my sporran and with one hand holding it down hide any tenting in my kilt, leaving the function suite I slipped my hand onto her backside she returned the favour as we moved down the corridor she suddenly stopped and opened a door, entering the room the only light coming from the moon and the lights outside we were in what looked like an office of some kind, shutting the door we fell into each other’s arms our mouths meeting we kissed our tongues entwining, our hands flying over each other’s bodies, mine to her breasts and back, hers caressing her nipples feeling them harden, her hands around my back lifting my kilt grabbing my buttocks and pulling them hard into her, breaking our kiss she whispered in my ear F*** me darling now. Kissing her I said not just yet darling I’m not quite ready she looked at me, smiled and grabbing her dress she slipped to her knees, moving my sporran to the side she lifted the front of my kilt, allowing my hard C*** to bounce free, she quickly engulfed my ever hardening c*** expertly swallowing me she began to work her mouth and tongue around my shaft and balls, teasing me with her endeavours it wasn’t long before I had to pull her up, smiling she asked if I was ready now, lifting her up I sat her down on the edge of the desk pulling her dress up I exposed her stocking clad legs her bare arse on the wood of the desk we kissed hungrily as my hands slipped the top of her dress down exposing her breasts and hard nipples, as I played with them she lifted my kilt, grabbing my C*** she pulled me towards her, guiding me into her moist and warm P****, she gasped with pleasure as I entered her, wrapping her legs around me she pulled me further into her, her arms around me she whispered to f*** her harder, we were soon bucking hard on the desk top , she was desperately trying to stifle her exertions eventually biting down on the shoulder of my Jacket as she began to come, triggering my own ******. I collapsed down on her both of us gasping for air, we stayed like that for a few minutes slowly regaining our breathing to near normal. I slowly got up from the desk, grabbing a box of tissues I began to clean my softening c***, before wiping up the pool of c** that was leaking from my wife onto the desk.
We rearranged our clothes, she asking if her makeup was okay, I suggested that she slip to the ladies to make sure and that I would meet her back at the table, slipping back out into the corridor we made our way back me to the function and she to the ladies.
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