We were in a longterm relationship and enjoyed a great sex life together as well so I had lots of sex with him during the time we were together.  Oh well in case you didn't know, now you do.

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Thats great of you to let us know that !


When I hear "MMM" I think they're trying to sing but they've forgotten the words. Either that or 3M, (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing). I suppose it's the result of keeping up my apperance of tedious innocence to calm the surrounding population of dirty minded Baptists. (It's part of my master plan to thwart their plans of making me feel guilty for things I enjoy considering and remembering).

LMAO. I prefer Professor MMM LOL

So now we can call you Professor Fun :)

LOL well I wouldn't say that Pamper but he was plain vanilla missionary when we met and when we were finished he was 69ing and many other positions with the best of them lol. In the end he rocked my world.

LMFAO <br />
<br />
i'm going to ignore the mental images u had just put into my

LOL a bonus to his future girlfriends. He could kiss well though but I rocked his world otherwise. LOL

oooh lol. well thats a bonus. lol

LOL he was pretty dayum hot there too after I taught him what to do lol.

good to know lol.