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Ok soo I was at a night club and my friends had there shirts off having sex with the guys there and I wanted to try something different soo I called over a girl and started to kiss her. After 10mins of kiss she started to rub my huge boobs and I did the same. Then she started to take off my shirt and I toke hers off too. Then she started to lick my boobs and play with them. And I licked hers and played with them. Then we started to kiss again and then when we where kissing she started to rub my ***** and *** and I rubes hers too. The she slowly toke my pants off and I pulled hers down and toke them off. Then she started to lick my ***** and finger me. Then I licked her as hole and licked her ***** and then finger her *** and *****. Then when we where both naked she pined me to the floor and rubed my boobs and ***** and kissed me when doing that. Then we did that some more of that standing up. All I am saying is having sex with a girl is awesome I love doing it because having sex with a girl is much more fun then with a dirty boy.

This is for all girls who love girls!! Live *******!!
Sexywithgirls Sexywithgirls
May 6, 2012