The Night Shift

I have always had a thing for nurses, but it wasn't until a recent ER visit that I realized my fantasy!! I had been out hunting and cut my hand, requiring a few stitches. I was sent back to my room to be seen . when nurse "Amy" came into my room I forgot all about my pain. She was the blonde goddess I had always dreamed of, her scrubs fit her perfect! She had the *** that made ppl stop and stare, and her boobs were pressed against the material screaming to get out. I was in heaven!! She looked at my cut and expressed her dismay at how it must have hurt....i felt nothing more than my **** growing!!! She began to ask me questions and flirted with me as I gazed into the lovely blue eyes of my caregiver. She asked me to ***** down to my underware and put on the gown. Little did she know I wasn't wearing any underware and when i disrobed her eyes fell on my engorged ****. She exhaled and said oh my....wasnt expecting such a response. I grined and said I'm all yours!! When she left the room I thought my chances had vanished. She came back a few min later and said the doc would be in shortly. Her hand came to rest on my thigh and she looked at me with slutty eyes and said let's make this quick!! With that she grabbed my **** and began pumping!! I was once again in heaven. She continued her assault on my **** and I began to moan....when I thought I was about to explode I let it be known and she engulfed my **** in her mouth. Sucking in a way I have never experienced. I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drip. As quick as I came she left and I didn't see her again my entire stay.
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good for you

<p>Great for you ! too bad you didnt get to take her temperature with your meat thermometer !~</p>