The Best Ever.

I have been with several transsexuals and it is by far the best sex ever. When they say the best of both worlds it is the truth. I can't wait to do it again.
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3 Responses Aug 10, 2010

It sounds like it can be promising for me. I have just started to see a m2f. She has promissed me that she is going to get me from wantinf to experiment to me wanting to **** her. Just need the gods to put there blessing on it.

I have been thinking about finding a ts to be with but I really don't want to cheat on my wife I love her! She just got this toy and she likes to tuck me with and its so incredible. But I have a secret. I have a bigger toy I use in the shower. The tough thing is getting the privacy and hiding it from her. I would really like her to tuck me with it.

ive had some of the most mind blowing sex with trannies..although i never touch the penis except for a good hand-job while i plow her..<br />
i met the most beautiful gurl at a sex party(hahah).She turned out to be sexy t-gurl who was helping hosting..we talked and she took me to her place.we had the best sex, her *** was out of this world with natural b cups, we messed around for a good 3 months..that's when she began to pressure me into doing other things like suck her **** and let her **** on me..she finally seduce me one nite and and convinced me to let her **** me. i never thought this would happen, but it did. it wasn't too bad, she had a small **** and made me love it. told me i was her ***** while i layed on my stomach. She came and ******* all on my ******* and licked it up, then made me kiss her. yeah, some freaky stuff!!i felt like **** after i left, but i couldn't stop thinking about it.we messed around for a few months and i let her do it again..ive never been screwed again..we broke up and still speak. she is from Somalia and loved her to death,