Finally The Experience I've Been Looking For

I've been interested in meeting a transgendered woman for some time now. I've always been turned on by shemale **** and fantasized about one day having the opportunity to have sex with a t-girl. I'd tried twice previously but my first attempt the girl was very passive, not into it at all, and it was frustrating. My second attempt the girl was only a bottom and though she was nice and we had a great conversation, she was no longer functional due to hormones and I had been hoping to trade off a variety of positions including having her top me. Finally today, I met a t-girl who was not only beautiful but also responsive from the moment I touched her; letting me suck her **** and then ******* me in the ***. I really enjoyed it but at the same time it did not feel as natural an experience for me as it does when I am with a woman wearing a strap-on; and that's ok... we all learn what we like and don't like from experiences. I wouldn't rule out another experience with a transgendered girl but I think it would have to be something that developed over time rather than just a one-time hook-up...
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

I like all sorts of experiences with tgirls, pre op tgirls who are active and do me, passive and let me do them, and versatile and we do each other I also like post op tgirls and I like it when they do me with a strap on and when I can do them in their *** or their 'man made' post op tgirl ***** :) heaven!

At the very least, you had the experience and it sounds like it was OK.