I have a story about an experience I had with a t-girl named Amanda.

I first met Amanda at a transexual brothel and she was my first real t-girl experience. Since then I have been seeing her on and off over a couple of years. This story is from one of my encounters with Amanda.

As usual, I ducked into the shower while Amanda got things ready in the bedroom for our session. I must have been in there longer than usual or she was ready sooner than usual because this time she came into the bathroom as I was toweling myself dry and asked if I was ready. 'Almost', I replied, and she glanced down at my semi excited **** and said 'your **** looks ready, nice and ready' What could I say? ;)

Amanda then grabbed my **** and started leading me to to the bed, in the few short steps to the bed I think she made me more than ready. Then she took her own **** and placed it next to mine in her hands, like she was measuring them :) It was a new experience and I must say the feeling of her **** next to mine was a real turn on, not to mention she was still holding me in her hand. I looked at her and the look on her face made me want to kiss her and we just stood next to the bed, our ***** in her hand kissing each other. Then I moved down to her lovely ******* (two of the best IMO) and she moaned. She sure does like having her nipples licked and her ******* sucked.

Then she asked me to bend over the bed, and spread my legs. I was eager to oblige and she slipped on a condom, and started lubing me up, inserting a finger in my ***, it tickled and I was squirming with pleasure. Then she grabbed my cheeks and spread them and I felt the tip of her **** at the entrance to my *** and then she sort of teased me by stopping and whispering into my ear, asking me how much I wanted it. I told her I wanted her inside me now, but she continued to tease me, so I pushed back onto her **** and felt it slide into me. What a nice feeling it was.

Amanda needed no more encouragement and started to **** me with some vigor. To my surprise, she also reached around and grabbed my **** again and started to pull me off in time with her thrusts. Another first, I was in heaven! It did not take too long and I could feel myself building to a climax and I told her I was going to come. She started to pump harder and I exploded.

I think she was pleased I had enjoyed myself so much but also a little disappointed that she might miss out on some action herself this time. I was still hard though and after cleaning up, I slipped on a condom and she started to ride me reverse cowgirl while I lay on the bed. She was really into it and I had a fantastic view of my **** sliding in and out of her *****.

Then, to top it all off, she reached into her 'bag of tricks' and pulled out a good sized *****. She went back into reverse cowgirl and asked me to raise my legs up high. She held on to one of my legs, for balance I would think more than anything, and with the other hand she slid the ***** into me and she rode. Wow, this girl sure has a great imagination! ;)

I was absolutely spent by the end of our session and had a hard time walking out I can tell you. All that afternoon I could still feel the effects of her assault on my *** and I kept remembering what she did with me and how it felt.
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