Here is another story about an experience with a t-girl named Lisa.

I have been seeing Lisa for casual sex over the past few years. I first met her in a bar and we hit it off. I had not seen her in a while as she had moved flats and decided to contact her. She gave me her new address and it was not long before I was followed her up a few flights of stairs to her new flat... the view from behind her following her up the stairs was great, she had some nice sexy panties on and I could see her shapely *** and a hint of her still soft clitty inside.

Inside her flat we gave each other a hug and began kissing... it was such a turn on I didnt really want to break it up but reluctantly went to take a shower.

When I came back, Lisa was lying on the beg, still in her dress. She rose up to meet me and took my **** in her mouth and started to give me a nice BJ. I then lay on the bed beside her and we slipped into some mutual sucking. She must have enjoyed it because she kept stopping to suck my **** to make some moans and I had to encourage her to continue sucking me as well ;) In between the sucking, I also kissed her nice natural ******* and we kissed as well. Lisa is a very good kisser.

Then it was time for some *******. Lisa asked me if I wanted to **** her and I told her that I would really like it if she was to do me today. Lisa didnt miss a beat as she told me to lay down on the bed and to raise my legs and she lubed me up and slipped on a condom. Before she started she started sucking on my **** again and fingering me to loosen me up. It was ticklish but very nice.

Then Lisa took hold of my legs by the ankles and raised my legs a little higher and she positioned herself on her knees and guided her clitty into my ***.

Lisa had ****** me once before but that was doggy style with me lying face down on the bed. This was a different position and s slightly different feeling as I felt her clitty slide into me. Once inside, Lisa began thrusting with some vigor and it did not seem to be too long before I came just from being ******. She quickly cleaned me up and asked if I wanted her to keep going. Of course I said yes and she slipped on a new condom and repositioned herself to slide her clitty into me again. To my surprise I wasnt completely spent yet and I came a second time from being ******.

I think Lisa was pleased to see she had pleased me but she also wanted to come herself and after I came a second time she slipped off the condom and sat down on my stomach. I thought she wanted me to **** her but she didnt put a condom on me and just seemed content to 'ride' me and tug on her clitty. I realised she wanted to come on my chest and so I helped her along a bit by sucking on her ******* and fingering her *** *****. She soon came too and looked satisfied.

It was a great session all round and after some more hugging and kissing, a very nice GFE, I went to have a shower and to get dressed. On the way out Lisa told me that now I know where her new flat was I would have to come and see her again very soon. I am sure I will ;)
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this is a very exciting story. I am happy for you to enjoy

What a nice story, an experienc I would like to have.

Fabulous sweetie