I was 20 she was 40. At the time she seemed like old woman to me. But now I am 40 and it does not look so old to me.She is now 60. I don't think I'd like to repeat what happened 20 years ago with her now. But I'd like girl of 20 just as she wanted boy of 20,
kuca kuca
41-45, M
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I am happy for you fwdlook. But I was not so impressed with mine so I wouldn't go that way. Emotions are more powerfull than looks I agree, but I never had any strong emotions for her.

I disagree with you kuca. When I was 25, just out of Navy and recently married and starting to college this graduate student who was married, red hair (auburn 35 at the time) and so hot came on to me. I could not resist and for the next 5 years we had the best sex ever. She was my ultimate lover. Today she is 75, still hot and good looking and I would go to bed with her in a heartbeat. She said she would too but she would not be able to handle the emotions today of slipping around as we did in the sixties and seventies (her husband is still living). He eventually found out about us and we still continued to meet for sex. She said if she ends up a widow she will call me. As we reflected on our feelings back in the mid-sixties, we both agreed we learned more about sex from each other than we did from our respective spouses. She simply told me her husband did not know how to pleasure her. But boy she knew how to pleasure a me and it was my luck to pleasure her. I would begin again without hestitating and I do not care about her age. I believe she would be even better because I am a better lover today than at 25.

My "first" was about 30 when I was only 15! I wonder from time to time where she is now & what she looks like?