Life Teacher

Her name was Sue and she was 40, I was 27. She was divorced and an amazing person. I learnt a lot about life from her not to mention a lot about sex. The main thing I remember about her was that the sex we had was just so damned good...we were really in sync. She loved to suck me and swallow and I would eat her for what seemed like hours. She was very open about telling me what she wanted which really turned me on. One particular romp I remember was when I was eating her, she was very wet and I proceeded to finger her. First one finger then two , she kept wanting more. She came with four of my fingers inside her and me licking her ***. I think what made it so memorable was her was such a turn on to hear a woman totally at ease with telling me exactly what she wanted and I certainly was eager to oblige.
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46-50, M
Aug 12, 2010