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Well I obviously don't want sex with MY ex wife ... being a heterosexual woman that would be a tough call ... but I was thinking about the attraction which still existed between my ex-husband and myself years after we separated.  

It's a very long time now since we split and divorced.  We do still see each other occasionally, but not often now, we live in different countries and have our own lives and families to concentrate on.  

But for a long time, years in fact, after we split up we would spend time together.  I remember we split in September 1990 and spent Christmas that year together.  My new boyfriend was abroad at the time and my ex came over to spend Christmas with me.  We spent a lot of the time in bed together I recall, nice memories.

We still continued to spend time together during the 1990s and would occasionally spend the night.  It was always fun and we did still have a lot of affection for each other.   Still do.  But, it has faded for me and I don't think I'd want to be with him again to be honest, not sexually anyhow.  

Someone you have such a history with is hard to let go.  We have known each other since we were 16 and 17 and have never stopped being friends.  

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Very true takenheart. Sexual attraction is really not the best basis for a strong relationship ... it helps of course and it's an essential part of the equation ... but if that's all there is ... it can lead to troubled times. As you say, fun to re-ignite now and again though.

thanks for commenting THOMCHARL. I don't know the answer to that question of course. The courts system seems to have some very strange ways of dealing with things. I wish you well.

That is a tough call. I support you 100 percent. I did eferythingpleasese my ex-wife.. So much so I lost myself.<br />
I thought was doing the right thing being there for my children. I gave her her freedodm to explore hersef. Did not realize it was at my expense and my children's. The Irony is after three years she filed for custody of my children and won!!!!<br />
She on drugs has no job and she won???<br />
How does someome like that get the chance to mess up my children and ny life??????

haha ... nice try mewold ... of course darling ... anytime! lol

Your relatioonship has evolved into a great friendship and you are the richer for it. Bty, I am someone's X. Would you like to have sex with me??? lol