Ranch Milf

Growing up in the Northern Sandhills of Nebraska where cattle is King was a great place to grow up. It also meant a lot of tight jeans and t-shirts on well built women. When I was home from college one weekend I was helping on a buddies ranch it was towards the end of spring calving but was still pretty hectic. My buddies family has a large ranch and so we divided up into pairs to watch cattle in different pastures to make sure we could reach the new born calf and make sure it would have its shots and tags and such. I was paired with my buddies mom who was a supreme MILF I am pretty sure everybody in the county at onetime or another has *********** thinking about this woman. She had a huge chest as did her mother and her four daughters which were also hot. Roxanne would try and wear minimizer bra's but that just pushed them up to her chin. Roxanne is around 5'10'' she's a well built ranch wife. So we were together in the pickup and we went to the Northern most group of cattle we were a good 10 miles from anyone else so it was just her and I. We chatted about school and she asked me if some of the rumors about me at college that had reached back home were true I asked which ones. Surprisingly enough they were all sexual very sexual I one by one admitted yes they were. She said good while putting her hair in a ponytail untucking and unbuttoning her shirt. She unzipped my jeans pulled them down to my knees and proceeded to suck me off like a pro I think her tongue completely wrapped around my ****.
She then opened the door to the truck took her jeans off and said eat me. I was a bit dumb founded she said hey I just deep throated you and swallowed every drop and I hear you have been eating any ***** there is at college so eat my fat *****. Roxanne had some big meaty ***** lips she wasn't fat but her ***** was huge. So I went down on her my buddies mother still married to his dad. I ate her fat ***** sucking her lips finding her **** and burrying my face in it. She grabbed the back of my head and said open wide and she squirted hard and a ton I was covered in her ***** juices. She grabbed me kissed me licked her juices from my face and neck she said I love the taste of my own juices and all women's which I went instantly hard again. She said lets **** I slide my **** in I said it felt like you hadn't ****** in along time she said actually she had ****** her hubby twice last night its just hat he has a 5 inch ****. She said easy **** me slow your splitting me. So we went nice and slow she was so tight and wet I wanted to blow my load almost instantly but held off. She turned over and said nail me as hard as you can and fill me with your ****. So I lined up and slide in easy then pulled almost all the way out and slammed her hard and deep she moaned and shouted **** hammer my ***** breed this *****. I pounded that ***** for a good 15 minutes then finally couldn't hold back anymore and filled her ***** which just seemed to drain me dry. Roxanne and I would **** a couple more times that day, and a couple more times on Sunday. Each time ******* deep into her ***** and once more down her throat. It was a great weekend more stories to come from Roxanne and I.
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Wow, that is some story. Everyone needs a Roxanne.