Yes This Is How We Like It

I buy my Wife's lingerie and sleepwear. She has a rather extensive selection - dozens of long gowns all the way down to chemises, teddies, one piece shapers and panties - hundreds of panties. My favourite panties - tap panties - french knickers but there are many other styles such as Olga briefs with the rear centre seam and four pairs of Olga panty girdles - 22 percent spandex. Respectful pretty pieces - nothing much that anyone would consider sleazy. She likes my taste and she has a perfect body - one that is as it was when we first met 27 years ago. She has never gained a pound except when pregnant and each time she bounced back to her petite perfect body in a weeks time. Well each evening my Darling chooses what to wear to bed, which gown, which panties and she dresses for bed - it is always an exquisite moment of anticipation as she comes to bed. I dream of her all night long in that outfit. I wake her an hour early each morning with massage and caresses. When she is ready for me i lift her gown upwards and move her panties to one side and provide her with oral sex - for as long as she likes it, with enthusiasm and until she tells me to stop. Then with her panties set neatly to one side and here it does not matter if they are tap panties, strings, briefs. a panty girdle, a teddy or a shaper they all stay neatly off to one side and I slowly insert my penis past the leg of those panties and into her as we engage in our next stage of marital relations. Now we do this each morning. Each evening before bed she selects what she chooses to wear. Each morning we make love. We prefer morning sex and she prefers to make love wearing her sleepwear and be somewhat modestly attired. She is comfortable this way and she is so pretty and exiting - it is always fresh and new. We have done this for years now and it is almost time to start. Tonight she is wearing a lace topped short satin gown in ivory and matching tap panties with high side slits and the wide leg openings.

Oh and me? I wear men's pyjamas - she prefers me to just set the waist band of my bottoms under my testicles and not come to her naked when it is time for me to engage myself within her. We find this exiting gentle, somewhat modest comfortable and dignified.
pdqsailor1 pdqsailor1
51-55, M
Dec 15, 2012