The Morning After

My wife and I had traveled to 'cleveland' to visit with her sister and brother in law for a long holiday weekend. We had only been married a few months and it was our second visit to their new home. My sister in law was pretty hot and two years younger than my wife. She was thinner but not quite as pretty yet still a hot bodied looker. Our first night was long and included a whole lot of alcohol which was not unusual for my brother in law; he loved his liquor. After hours of drinking and game playing we had all pretty much passed out and retired to our rooms.

Being fairly newly wed the wife and I treated ourselves to each others naked bodies for an hour or so and passed out. The next morning I was still groggy and naked when I heard a stirring in the closet next to my side of the bed. Without looking, and my mind still a bit fuzzy, I could make out what I thought was my wife, bending into the closet and searching for something. I gently reached out with my arm and began softly stroking her buns. She was wearing a night shirt and I placed my hand up and between her thighs. As I continued squeezing and stroking I probed for her mound which was being shrouded by her cotton panties. It wasn't long before she began to undulate against my hand and fingers and in a matter of seconds she stepped out of those panties. I had still not opened my eyes and began humping my stiffness against the bed. With now unrestricted access to 'my wifes' slit which was drenching itself I probed with my thumb embedded in her and started applying pressure on her little hard nub. Mmmm... was the only sound emanating in the room and it was my own muffled voice. Not a sound from my 'wife'. Just her easing and grinding against my hand. It seemed like only a brief time when she began to stiffen and hump against my fingers and thumb. Still without realizing who I was fingering, my urge was getting strong to plow this hot wet p us sy. Before I knew it, my 'wife' was cu mm ing on my hand and she fell back toward me. At that moment I heard only the words, "Oh my god." I jerked up realizing this was not the voice of my wife. My sister in law looked at me, pulled up her panties and darted from the room. I sat there gazing at the hall as the door closed behind her. I fell back on the bed with a big stiffy staring up at me. Within a few seconds the bathroom door on the other side of the room opened and my wife entered fresh from her shower. Clad only in a towel I urged her to notice my erec tion and invited her to relieve some pent up stress. She smiled and obliged me. You can only imagine what I was thinking of at the time. My sister in law and I never spoke of this incident ever in 28 years.
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Great story!

Great experiance...

What a pity not to have such a pleasant experience acknowledged. Even if it all was done by mistake, not to be able to laugh or ask for a return session ..........

Nice story but I hope there were more than just fingering her *****.<br />
I had similar experience where my sister in law was visiting us and after lot of driking we went all went to sleep. I walked after 2 hrs and went to the kitchen in just a short to get a drink, and my sister in law came also in he thin revealing t shirt without any thing underneath, her breasts and ***** hair were visible and she feels tired and sleepy and tipsy. I offered her a drink and helped her leter to go to her bedroom. she laied on her bed and kissed me goodby. I was sleepy too, so I laid beside her and we hugged each others, and I kissed her breasts and her ***** and ****** her till she cumm twice. after that I left her naked in her bed and returned to sleep the rest of the night beside my wife who was deeply sleeping.