I ****** My Sister In Law.

i had sex with my sister in law. it happened when there was a party at my bro's place. the drink was flowing most of us had had a real good skinful. eventually the others left the party and had gone home. my bro had gone to bed really really drunk. that left me and his wife alone. the drink was still flowing and we were getting real friendly. anyway i got my **** out to show her, she had a real good look and gasped. it was semi hard, but she didn't protest or tell me to put it away. i took this as a signal to go further, so i got real close to her and fondled her lovely big ****. her nipples were soon rock hard. so i slipped my hands inside her bra and tweaked them. she let out a groan, she was enjoying the attention i was giving those massive mammaries, i played with them for ages.i just had to suck on her lovely hard nipples, so i undid her blouse and got her **** out of her bra, i soon had my mouth sucking on her stiff right nipple. i sucked on it for a while licking and chewing the teat, then turned my attention to the left nipple. i was in heaven chewing on her lovely big ****. after a while i went to the toilet for a ****, she called after me and came in the toilet. my **** was on full view. she asked me to touch her between her legs, the horny babe had taken her panties off and lifted her skirt to reveal her hairy *****. so i fingered her til she was nice and moist. i wanted to go down on her and taste her *****, but she wouldn' t let me. she suggested instead that i **** her. i didn't have any condoms on me but she was ok bout it. she was fitted with a coil, just **** me it's ok i won't get pregnant. so i bent her over the kitchen table and ****** her doggy style, mauling her big **** as i pounded into her soaking wet *****. i pulled out just before i came and covered her *** with my ***. i watched my creamy *** dribble down over her lovely butt cheeks, so gooey n creamy !!! so that's the storyof how i ****** my bro's wife !!!!
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5 Responses Aug 14, 2010

I'd love to do that to mine as well.

wow..is that true


Very hot! I would have loved to have eaten her out after you filled her ***** with your seed!

Nice one!! Good on you!! :)