Going Camping With The Sil

Often I believed the wife knew about what was being done and encouraged the behavior with her sister.   Our apartment only had two bedrooms, and when the sister stayed over, she would at times end up sleeping in the same bed as the wife and I.  Saying our old couch was to lumpy and uncomfortable.  Usually to one side of me and with the wife on the other.  After our first encounter mentioned earlier, I would at times be wakened at night by a hand in my pajamas playing with my ****.  This led to confusion on my part, for I never knew whose hand it was now, or how to behave.  The wife seemed to enjoy getting a little excitement back in our life and one way to do it was with quiet sex while her sister was sleeping in bed with us.   She would curl her bottom up to me and pull up her nightgown to present her ***** from the back.  My **** would slip in easily and while the wife would slide over and hang her head off the side of the bed I would slowly move my hips back and forth, just moving in and out a few inches very slow screwing until we came.  When she had me do that, often her sister would move over to snuggle while we were screwing.   After her sister and I had our evening it was uncertain whose hand was on my ****, and I just hoped if it was her sisters, the wife wouldn’t reach for me at the same time.  
The taste of my *** created a new game for the sister.  She did love it. That led to fun and scary times like when we took the kids on a camping trip, we would rent a pop up trailer. This slept the kids at one end, the wife and I on the fold out, and below us the sister on the folded down dinette table.  The wife was smaller so she slept and the outside area and I on the inside.  Sleeping on my side this way, I would be awakened by the hand in my fly and get an instant hard on.  The sister could sit upright on her bed and get my **** in her mouth, where she happily sucked away.  I on the other hand was very nervous about the whole thing.  The wife was a light sleeper, so I couldn’t move for fear of waking her.  But the sensation on the end of my **** made it so hard to hold still.  Now I really enjoyed the danger of being seen as an exhibitionist, but this was to much for even me.  When I got off my *** would spasm naturally and the wife would put her hand down and give me a pat on the *** as I was ******* in her sisters mouth.  Wild and scary.
I loved those camping trips,  They had showers in the parks, where after swimming you could take a warm shower before putting on clean clothing.  It seemed whenever I went to take mine, I would hear a knock on the door and the sisters voice, let me in.   Of course I would and the skinny sister would get naked in the park shower, I would put my hands under her little *** and hold her up perched on my **** while we ****** away against the shower wall as we listened to people in the other showers washing their kids or cleaning up from the beach mess.    Darn now that I think about those times it seems I ****** my sister in law as frequently and as often as I did my wife.  As I had broken her in, she just couldn’t get enough of my ****.   
At a campfire once while the wife was gone to town, I was sitting in a lawn chair, one of those rickety aluminum frame things talking with a few fellow campers who had strolled by.  Damned if the sister in law didn’t come over and sit on my lap, reaching down as if to reorganize something, my hard **** came out of my baggy shorts leg, and she slid it up inside of her by pulling her panties aside. Here we were talking with other people having a beer while sitting around a campfire, with my **** buried up in her tight young ****.  Her wiggling and me squirming, it is doubtful the other people didn’t know what was going on.    So exhilarating as a exhibitionist moment.   Especially when the lawn chair collapsed and we fell to the ground with the sister in law tightly clamped on my **** she was rammed with such force she made a really loud noise causing everyone to look at us and bust out laughing. I pulled my shorts leg down to cover my **** as we disengaged from being hung up like a couple dogs stuck together.   The wife was told about the chair collapsing, but no one mentioned that we were coupled when it happened.  She said not to put so much weight on one of those chairs was her only comment.
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Nov 22, 2010