Breakfast In Bed, Sister-in-law Style.

(Read my story "Brothers do share, sometimes) ........

It was nearly 8 a.m. and I was waking up on my brother's sofa. I could hear some noise in the kitchen; the sounds of a coffeemaker and frying bacon. The smells wafted through to the living room and tempted my senses. I got up and slipped into my jeans and pulled a shirt over my head. As I walked into the kitchen, I could see my brother sitting at the dining table sipping some coffee. I rounded the corner, and there was Eve in her silk robe, her hair tied up, flipping eggs in a fry pan. The robe was very clingy, and I could see the crack of her fine rounded ***. I took a place across from my brother and sat down to a cup of fresh coffee.

My brother's finished breakfast was sitting on the plate in front of him. "We'll work on your bike a little later. I need to run to the base and get some equipment shipped to the Motor Pool", he said. "Eve's going to treat you to breakfast in bed." With that, he rose from his chair, patted me on the top of the head (like big brothers do) and said "See ya later Sarge." He went out the door and drove away.

As I turned my head toward the stove, I did so just in time to see Eve' silk robe fall off her shoulders and onto the floor. All of her beautiful tanned skin (no tan lines) glistened in the dim kitchen light. She reached over and turned the flame off under the fry pan. She turned and looked at me, and without saying a word, pointed down the hall and began walking in that direction. As if in a trance, I simply stood up and followed her. Watching her curvy hips sway down the hall mesmerized me. As I followed her into the bedroom, I could see that the bed was made up - not looking like it had been slept in. There was a small overstuffed chair sitting unusually directly at the foot of the bed. Eve climbed up on the bed and pointed to the chair. "Sit", she said. And I did.

Eve rolled over and got up on her knees and elbows with her *** toward the foot of the bed, giving me a perfect view of her smoothly shaved *****. I immediately started to feel my **** rise. She reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. Out comes a large vibrator *****. I hear the dull hum as she turns it on. Eve spread her knees apart and I could see the ***** peeking out under her *****. She ran it in and out of her labia, and then inserted it into her ****. I could see she was already dripping her juices onto the *****.

As I sat there watching, she said "get your pants off. I want to look over my shoulder and see you stroke that **** for me." I was her prisoner. I did as I was told. She was plunging that ***** in and out of her wet ***** and watching me stroke my **** over her shoulder with a big smile on her face. Instinctively, I rose from the chair, and advanced toward her. Stroking my hard throbbing shaft with one hand, I reached under her and found her ****. I was rubbing her **** and she began to rock back and forth, pushing herself onto my fingers. Within a few minutes, she had rolled over on her back, her legs dangling over the end of the bed. My fingers were working diligently at her ****. She stretched her hand out and applied the vibrating ***** to my balls as I continued to stroke. I nearly lost it right then.

"I have an appointment in a half hour, so you need to **** me now." she said out of nowhere. She spread her legs and lifted her feet high in the air exposing that luscious warm, wet *****. She reached down with both hands and pulled it open. "**** me', she said. I obliged. My **** slid easily into her waiting honey hole and she started rocking back and forth. "Don't *** in me", she said, "I want to drink your ***. Tell me when."

After several minutes, I was about to *** and told her so. She bolted upright in the bed so that she was now sitting up facing me. Eve reached out and grabbed my *** with both hands, driving my hard **** deep into her throat, holding it there. I shot hard and long as she swallowed every drop. When she finished, she got up and walked to the door. "I need another shower", she said "you can join me, if you want."

And here, I thought I was actually going to get some work done on my bike. Apparently this morning wasn't completely over yet.
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Didn't really get anything done on the bike. My brother got tied up at the ba<x>se until late evening, and our shower went VERY well. That story to follow.