Sister-in-law After Breakfast In The Shower .....

Eve walked across the room and into the bathroom. She was already naked, and she left the door open. Needless to say, it didn't take much encouragement for me to follow. I stood patiently at the door, watching Eve turn on the water and adjust the temperature. She pulled the lever up and the shower came on. Eve stepped into the shower, leaving the door partly open. They had one of those frosted shower doors that you can almost see through.

I thought the "boys" were pretty much done for awhile, as I stood there wishing I could get into that sweet, soft, shaved ***** again. The anticipation was crippling, as I watched Eve run her hands all over her supple body through the openening in the shower door. She hadn't lathered up yet, and was running her hands up and down her firm stomach. Her hands would join together and rub her ***** mound in unison. Her hands rubbed up and down then between her spread thighs, soon to be dragged up her tummy and cupping both her breasts as she let out a soft moan. Her hands were kneading her breasts.

Before I knew it, I felt something bobbing up and down. The "boys" had come awake and trying to get my attention. I couldn't help myself. I reached down and gripped my throbbing **** in one hand while stroking the inside of my thigh with the other. As I moved my fingers over the head, I could feel the precum starting to flow again. While rubbing my shaft and thigh, I was compelled to move closer to the shower.

Without hesitation, I climbed into the tub enclosure and my hard **** climbing its way between her open thighs, I reached around and took both her **** in my hands. As I did, Eve reached up and grabbed the body wash. She squeezed out a portion just above where my hands were massaging her enormous ****. I guess I never mentioned that she was a good 38 D and filled both my hands to overflowing. I felt the soft smooth body wash ooze down between my fingers making them slippery. Her nipples hardened immediately, and beckoned to be squeezed and pinched. I felt obliged to do just that.

As I fondled her stiff nipples, I felt her hand slip between her thighs and push my **** upward toward her moistened ****. She was not in the right angle for entry, but she kept pushing my shaft up against her ***** lips as the body was finally found its way to that location. She must have squeezed more onto her belly to find its way there because it was much more slippery than I had expected.

I felt the pressure of her torso as she pushed to lean forward a bit and she started to rock her hips forward and backward, pushing her thighs closer together to wrap my **** between her soft fleshy thighs. At the same time, she was now pushing my **** up against her ***** with both hands. She began to moan. "I have to be somewhere soon", she said, "**** me."

With that, she leaned fully forward and grabbed the shower caddy and wash cloth bar, shoving her ***** toward me. I was amazed !! My **** instinctively slid inside her hot slippery **** without any guidance. The shower water began splashing off of her shoulders and back and spraying me directly in the face and chest. I had to turn my head to keep from drowning. I braced myself against the shower wall with one hand and grabbed her right hip with my other hand, pulling her hard against me. "**** me hard", she yelled, "**** me fast". I did what I was ordered to do. I started pounding my **** into her ***** with reckless abandon as she drove her hips hard against me.

He hands were now braced on the ledge of the tub below the shower head, giving me more direct access to that hot flowing *****. I rammed harder and harder as she screamed loudly. She was insatiable now, actually yelling at me "**** me hard, dammit, **** my ***** hard". I drove my **** so hard into her **** I thought we were going to bust through the wall to the plumbing. Her head was now turned and her cheek was against the front wall of the shower.

Suddenly, she bolted to a standing position and moaned loudly, grabbing the walls with both hands. She quickly turned toward me and grabbed my hard shaft with both hands. I could feel her shaking as she gripped me hard and pumped my **** with both hands. "Oh, God," she said, "oh God". She was shaking with ****** so bad, I had to put both arms around her to keep her from collapsing.

Eve was pumping my **** so fast and hard with her hands that I shot *** up to her ****. I nearly collapsed myself. We both then gradually came back down from that ****** "high". She took the shower wand off the wall and rinsed us both off. Eve reached down and shut the water off. As she stepped out of the shower, she grabbed a towel and handed it to me. "Let's dry each other", she said. We did.

She then walked into the bedroom and over to the dresser. As I passed by on the way to retrieve my clothes, she reached out and grabbed me by the shoulder, turning me toward her. She pulled me close and planted a deep long kiss on my lips. "Don't tell your brother I gave you more than breakfast", she said after she kissed me. "I'll see you later."

I walked from the room. We both dressed, left the house, and said our goodbyes.
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I am also in love with my sister-in-law but I am not sure whether she is also in love with me. I hope hope that that I will enjoy her little ....

Very Good!

Even if it is a tale, well written one. But if it was a real one man you are so lucky.