I Had Sex With My Brother's Hot Young Wife All Weekend

My brother married a young woman in her twenties who looks like a movie star. She is sexy and very very naughty. I realised this when we first met and she opened her bra to let me massage her sexy ****. Later that night she gave me an amazing blow job and I knew one day I would get to **** my brother's wife. I fantasised about it a lot and when they left our house I resigned myself to thinking I would have to wait years before I would enjoy her again. Then a few months later I got a text from my brother. He told me his wife was staying in the town next to us. Her work had a conference and she was staying at a hotel on her own and he wanted me and my wife to go and spend some time with her. Of course I didnt tell my wife. Instead I told her that my brother was staying nearby. I packed a bag and told her I would be back on Sunday evening. It was Friday night. I didn't know if his luscious wife would want me but I didn't care. I travelled to the town and went to the reception of the hotel. They called up to her room and told her I was there and much to my delight she said for me to come on up. She opened the door to me completely naked and I pounced on her. I spent that weekend making sweet love to that young woman as many times as a man of my age could and I took lots of pictures to remind me of the best weekend of my life. I came inside her many many many times and loved her as much as I could until she went home on the Sunday night to my brother and I went home to my wife. 
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14 Responses Jan 10, 2012

what a hot weekend!

Love this!

Wow! You gotta love horny, young, vixen like that! Add me please!


very hot. have any of those pics?

I'd love to see some more pics of that hottie. I'd **** her all weekend too if I had a chance

Man, what luck! Good for you! You've found the ideal wife (his) and the ideal way to have her. All the goodies and none of the hassle. Congratulations! Please add me...

Unfortunately, if I had a brother I'm sure he'd be a *****, but not in the good sense of the word, but rather as an unbearable ******* - again not in the right sense of the word. If, on the other hand, he was cool, I'd share a female with him anytime, provided she liked both of us as persons. Judging by my daughter's boyfriend's brother, whom she considers an unbearable sex perverted twit, it doesn't work too easily, and there is rivalry between brothers as easily as there is empathy: what if your brother makes your wife come when you can't? what if she prefers his **** and his way of using it to yours? Societies where the widow had to marry her husband's brother do not seem to have enjoyed a lot of success with the practice, although it certainly helped keep family property together. Keeping women in the same family to breed them doesn't look too good either. It's important to work in open structures if you don't want to face major genetic problems down the road of heredity.

Isn't great when the stars line up just right for a person? You now have a special relationship with your SIL. Cherish it.

Good JOb. I also had sex with my sister in law. Just knowing it's wrong makes it more exciting! Are you still doing her?

Gosh, I don't have a brother! I'm missing so much! And, bisexual, I could **** my brother in law too if I had a sister. My wife has a brother and from what she says he has a long and powerful foreskinned **** (she still remembers a day they bathed in the nude and he had a hard-on, the first she'd ever seen, so she even saw the foreskin slowly peeling back to free the glans), but unfortunately he's not very communicative, can't imagine pulling his pants down and playing with him...

my sister in law is also extremely sexy with a rock hard body. She is always walking around in skimpy outfits and showing lots of skin. It feels so wrong, but it's hard not to look and think dirty thoughts!

That's perfect. She's gorgeous. But...I suspect that your brother secretly likes you to cuckold him, because he knows she needs more than one ****, and he prefers you to do it. Of course this is not going to be said officially but I am sure sharing breeding tasks for the same orifices will make your bortherhood into an even more special and intimate partnership.

One added advantage is that, should she be pregnant, it makes no major difference who the father is...very similar DNA profile!

And, needless to say, a young mare like this will have to be impregnated a couple of times!

thanks for sharing...