Not The Last, But Another Sil Sex Story..

So the SIL is into tennis. I don't if it is because she is in a postion where it is expected or if she really decided to like it. I've played since I was a little kid. I was good enough to get offers from some good universities, but dumb enough not to accept. For the record I did get a degree from UT. Anyway, Sis asks my wife if she knows anyone who plays tennis. Before the wife tells Sis about my skills, she asked me if I'd mind playing with Sis. Well, I'd "playing" with Sis for a while. Didn't really say that in that manner, but I told I'd try to make the time.

Sis had been practicing at the Westside Tennis club in Htown for a while and felt she was ready to move into bracket play. Within the women's group, she did respectfully well, her first year. After my wife told her about my ability, she immediately called me and proceeded to chew my *** out. I defended myself by claiming I never knew about the tennis deal. She invited me out to the club for some practice with a couple who would eventually be our main competition.

Time went by and she really improved. I told her how impressed I was with her play. Now it gets good, club championships start and we are placed in a tough part of the bracket. Eventually, we had to play our practice couple in the semi's to advance to the finals.

The semi's started and Sis was in front and I had my mind in the gutter looking at her legs and got aced. Once again Sis came back and chewed me out for missing the point. I didn't say why; I just said "let's play". Long story short is we lost. Inside the club house, there are rooms to get public and private rubdowns. Sis arranged for the both of us to get rubdown. The men and women receive this service in seperate rooms. Sis came into my room and dismissed my trainer and said "I'll take care of this". She locked the door and started by licking my balls. I was sweaty and funky and she was going to town. We ended up ******* on the table and I was empty. Really, I thought I had left it all on the court, but she finished draining my *** right there in the rubdown area.

My wife met me at the door of the gallery and claimed how proud she was my effort and of course Sis. Sis would come out in a few minutes and claim it was not near good enough and she would see to it that "she" would win the mixed title, all the time giving me an evil glare.

I have a lot of Sis sex stories because we have been at it for a while. I only post the ones I think are best. The couple we practiced with I would eventually end up flying to some West coast charity functions. This led to some other adventures that no one else knew about. I have blessed in many ways, from my job, wife, Sis, and the fact I've managed to keep it all private, sometimes it's good to type it out and get it out of your mind. Thanks everyone who listens and responds. Peace be with you.
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looks like Sis-I-Law had hots for you from the start?

mmmm........sister in skirts............I,m ready to shoot my load right

Did you ever get a chance to play with the couple you where having match's with.Like swapping partners and seeing who was the better player was.