Sex With Sister-In-Law

At the time of my marriage my sister-in-law (wife's sis) was about 12/13. She (let me call her Sonali) was pretty, slim and intelligent. The most noticeable part of her body was dreamy eyes. Well, we would exchange our visits and quite happy. After 4/5 years Sonali emerged a fabulous, sexy and well shaped girl, with remarkable eyes, dreamy as usual with added quality that sometimes I felt as if eyes are full of lust.

Once she was staying with us during her vacations. Our evenings would spend discussing various subjects, mostly social issues as she was specializing in it. I have a good library, therefore, Sonali would often take books, study and discuss. Once I saw a couple of sex books lying at at place where they should not have been.So, Sonali must have seen or read.

After about two weeks of her staying, one evening when my wife was still busy in office, Sonali was discussing with me Plato's theory of ideal state. She asked was it possible for both the sexes to practice physical exercises totally nude. The subject gradually turned towards sex activities, and then to our (my & wife's) sex activities. Dreamy eyes went wild and more sexy. I suggested her to rad some books, full of sex, with pictures.

Some days later, incidentally we both were alone as the wife was on a visit to other city. We started discussing and soon shifted to sex topic. I was wearing only underwear and vest, she was in very sexy amd tiny outfit, showing naked legs and most of her boobs. My c**k was hard, showing its presence under small underwear. Whe was well aware as she was regularly watching it.

To cut the story short, I kissed her, she responde passionately, slightly moaning. After few moments I was pressing her boobs. She was in ecstacy, surely enjoying it. I pulled up her shirt, opened brs and oh! what a fantastic beauty. I began to suck her boobs. She was moaning. Then I pulled down her shorts. No panties. As soon as I touched her p***y, she was uncontrollable. It was hot and juicy. I put her on bed and began licking her c**t. She was moving up and down to take my tongue inside it.

I threw off my underwear, guided her hand to it. Then I asked her to suck it. She took it in mouth. Her first experience so I taught her how to suck. within no time, she appeared to be expert, and fantastic. Thereafter I mounted her. and she only slightly moaned when my c**k slipped into her receptive p***y. She was wild. I can't say who was fu***g whom, But it was really remarkable.

We were engaged in sex till her stay. Still we **** each other, and enjoy.
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Nice story. I guess the sil kept it quiet. My gf's sister would not stay quiet, so I just enjoy the view. OK maybe some gropping every now and then.

& your wife? does she see the different attitude between you 2?
i found it very difficult at family gatherings, trying to not give it away that i was tricked into ******* my s-i-law !