Caught By Twin Sisters

when i was 14 i got caught ************ by my older twin sisters. 

my parents were away on a trip and it was just us three.

i was watching **** in my room (i don't have a lock) and my sisters both walk in while i was stroking my ****. But instead of leaving or trying to hid their eyes they both just stand there and look at my very hard ****. eventually one of them asks "can i touch". i said no but then she said she would tell are parents. so i said fine. they both walked over and started strocking it one said it was the biggest she'd ever seen the other said she'd never seen one befor (they were both 18 at the time and very hot). 

the next thing i know they're both naked and one of thems on my **** the other was on my face making me lick her *****. 

after 20min. i came in my sisters ***** they then walked out of the room and left me to clean my self up.

after that my sisters made me have sex with them all the time or they would tell my parents that i watch **** and ********** to it.
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7 Responses Oct 2, 2010

only wish it was true...

I hope thats a true story.......cause i just shot a load across the room........;-)

You need to work on grammar for effective storytelling, fiction or non.

you lucky bastard. LOL

Don't give up the day job mate, that story was complete bollocks! If you're going to tell lies at least do in a way that's going to convince people. I hope your sisters read this and kick your arse and then tell your parents!

Sounds like rape to me. If you need help don't hesitate to get counseling or talk to people about it.

some ****** up **** dude. i cant say that the story didnt turn me on but in the story ou didnt crack jokes. you should of said to them "I will tell mom you raped me ***** i think they will take my side"