I have had this countless times. Sometimes it will happen 10 times in a night, then disappear for a few weeks. Other times it will happen once a night for a week. Extremely annoying in either case. I've learned that breathing in and out really, really rapidly will usually "wake" me, but it feels awful. Does anyone have a better method?
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yeah i have sleep paralysis too. it sucks. if you are sleeping on your side, i find it easier to try to rock yourself back and forth and wake your body up, im not going to lie, its hard to do and everytime i do that my legs are incredibly sore when i finally get myself up, almost like your legs were all cramped up for along time, but weren't.. and try your hardest to yell, but that only works sometimes. and if you can do that even a little. you will probably wake someone up, if your sleeping next to someone.<br />
<br />
it sucks.<br />
but you're not the only one.

Look up <br />
Lucid dreaming + sleep paralysis<br />
Lucid dreaming will change your life, a holo-deck in your head, and as a person suffering from sleep-paralysis you should find it easy to detect when you are dreaming.<br />
You will be able to teach yourself to keep on sleeping when one of these hits, and you will be able to use the paralysis to induce lucid dreams.<br />
Good luck