What In The World Is Wrong With Me

well i hav e  have had  similar experiences all of my adult life... i never knew what was wrong  i always felt that something very  evil was bothering me no matter where i lived  not until i had internet did i figure this all out i searched one night for dreams that feel like you are being smothered and all of this information was revealed to me what a relief.... i feel like someone definiteily a someone is smothering me keeping me from awakening  i never actually feel paralyzed tho  i did have one episode as if i was out of my body being pulled out of my bed and carried up in the air and across the room always they are very frightening and i am always in a frantic state when i eventually wake... i have probable had a dozen or more of these expereiences in my lifetime   i would like to hear from others with similar experiences
grandmaapplewood grandmaapplewood
1 Response Jul 15, 2010

I have had the experience of being yanked from my bed too hon, they say it comes from our own heads I just cant believe that. Why would we universally have the EXACT same experiences?