I Can't Believe This Isn't An Evil Spirit Of Some Type

Last night I woke as usual sleep paralysis sufferers do, not being able to move my arms or legs. I could hear my house mates upstairs perfectly, I wanted to scream for them to help but couldn't open my mouth. I saw a large shadowy figure at the edge of the bed it was watching me, I was so frightened. Then I felt my body levitating, I was aware that I was in a paralysis/hallucination, but I KNEW that there was something eveil there in my room. People would have us think that's its a normal reponse coming from inside our own psyche, but if thats the case wouldn't our OWN personal fears come to life, ie: rejection etc? Why does everybody have the SAME experiences of weight on their chest and shadowy beings in the room?

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Can you describe she shadow in any more detail?

Can you try and describe the shadowy figure in any more detail? I've seen two. The first one was definitely like black shadow person but the second was not defined. The second one was like a black shadowy cloud and lurked in the darkest corner of the ceiling.

It happens always almost exactly at 3:00 A.M for me or longer as well. These shadowy figures I never imagine or think of. These are the things that I see as well. And the presence in the room is so strong that it feels more real than when I am completely awake. I am not a person that used to believe in these things, but my heart can not accept the scientific explanation for these occurrences.

SOme of my research does suggest a spiritual element to it , eg astral travel, i still dont think it can only be a 'physical condition', hallucinations are ones OWN fears coming to life, therefore we would hear people talk of children being killed, shark attacks etc etc, if we are all having the SAME images, how can it be only from our phyche? It seems metaphysical, but maybe not.

this is becomming an abscession with me i didnt realise there were so many people experiencing this... i have had it for years on and off the buzzing is the worst.. last night i awoke and felt like my head was numb and i couldnt move it i was trying to shout help to my partner and wasnt getting anywere when i awoke i realised i was actually dreaming, last time i got out my bed and actually saw myself and my partner lying in bed.. at this point i was shouting at him to look at me and how i could fly around the room it was like i could float anywere strange...then a witch walked into my room this sounds crazy but it was so real she walked around the other side of the bed were my boyfriend was asleep and was trying to touch him.. i was pointing my finger at her and saying dont you dare touch him and i was so angry i wasnt scared i felt like i could take her on lol this is the craziest thing but it keeps happening

The same thing used to happen to me all the time when I was younger, almost exactly as you've described. <br />
I would awaken around 3am and be completely unable to move anything but my eyes. I wasn't being held down, I just couldn't move. I sleep on my side, so I would awaken and face my alarm clock. At the very end of my bed, there would be a small, menacing, shadow-figure. It was less than 4 ft tall. I could never look completely at it; it was just on the outside of my periphery. It would talk for what seemed like hours, in the most unearthly voice and in a language I did not understand. It was truly bizarre and frightening. It seemed demonic.<br />
Once (and only once) I was somehow able to kick my leg...and then I actually woke up. The talkative shadow was gone. It was only then that I realized that I had not actually been awake, although it felt like I was when it was happening.<br />
I talked to a few other people that had experienced this. My best friend's experience was different--for her, there was a small witch sitting on her chest.<br />
I noticed that it only happened to me during periods of extreme insomnia and excessive stress. It only happened during my teenage years (it's common in teenagers). I did some research and it turns out it's really quite normal.<br />
Sleep paralysis occurs when you awaken straight out of REM sleep. During REM, your body secretes a hormone that paralyzes you so that you don't act out your dreams by thrashing, etc. An ill-timed disconnection between the brain and the body is all it takes to experience this. The symptoms of sleep paralysis include sensations of noises, smells, levitation, paralysis, terror, and images of frightening intruders. In short, you're still dreaming/hallucinating. Yes, it seems very real. It's the most frightening experience ever. <br />
However, it is not demons. It's a common and well-studied phenomenon. It happens to about half of all people are now believed to experience sleep paralysis sometime during their life.<br />
It stopped happening as soon as I recovered from my insomnia. As long as I have a somewhat normal sleep schedule, I'm fine. Drinking, severe jet lag, and lack of sleep are known causes.<br />
There are some great articles on Web MD. It might make you feel better to read them. <br />
This is totally normal and you're not alone.