Last Night's Terror

I have always been spiritual and have belived since a kid there are spirits surrounding us.
From early years in my life I have had things happening to me at night time when no one is arround, but lattly I have been suffering from sleeping paralysis; for me this is new and I have read about it on the internet and talked with my causin and my mother. Thankfully my causin suffers from the same "sleeping disorder".
She tells me to stay calm and that I will be safe and not to freak out as I always do. But last night I had a very bad experience and I woke up and there was a man on top of me laughin constantly and looking at me, then I started to fight back and I couldnt, so I was "tranportated" into my parents bed, which is weird as they live in colombia and I live in sydney!
I am very scared because when this things started to happen I just felt anguish of me not being able to move or to call out for help, but with this happening very often i started to feel someone touching my legs, and when this occured I open my eyes and I saw a weird "energy" surrounding me. So I started to pray and it stoped.
I am not sure if is true what scientifics say about this being something to do with our sleeping patterns, I know this is somethign beyond that science can not explain!
If you have any advices on what to do to not have this anymore, I would love to hear it. I need some help

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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Its usually caused by stress, see here...<br />
<br />
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Whatever this is sucks an very scary... I have only had 2 *attacks* and the second one scared me so bad I didnt sleep for 3 days, I was gonna tell my doctor, but thought no. Not a good idea. I get mad also, I sleep with my lights on, an the tv on. All I can tell you is stay calm, its sound silly cause we know we cant, but just remember whats going on, pray, that helps, stay strong, and just try to go back to sleep. do you have ringing in the ears when you wake? I do, just wondering. Sorrry I cant help you to much, but I;m here if you need to talk,