Figured It Out

I have been having SP for about a year now and I have atleast once a week, Im sixteen. I did not know what it was untill today. I thought I had been seeing gohsts this whole time, and I had no clue what that paralizing pressure on my chest was. I figured out about it cus my friend told me about lucid dream and he was trying to lucid dream and he told me about the chest pressure. So I'm ecited about the next time I have one so I can grab the ghost that is on my chest and turn it into a lucid dream, somtimes its a gohst and somtimes it's a lady right on top of me telling me that "I'm here " . I have also seen a dog witch was not as bad as the gohst or the lady. most of the time I don't see the dark intruder cus I sleep with the blanked over my face and shoulders but I hear and feel their presensce. thank you bye
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