Sleep Paralysis

My first experience with sleep paralysis was 8 years ago in college. Sorry I wasn't an english major!!! LOL...I was stressing at the time as my grandmother had just died and money was tight. I went to go to sleep and was laying on my back. Suddenly I was lying there looking at the ceiling unable to move anything but my eyes. I looked to the right without moving my head and there was this shadow of someone approaching my bed. This someone was much to big to be my roomate and I became terrified and tried to reach for my lamp to hit them with only to find out I really couldn't move at all. Then I really panicked. I felt like this guy was going to kill me and I was helpless to stop it. Then it occurred to me how odd this was and how it might be a dream. It was so difficult to force my brain to wakeup but I did it. I opened my eyes and there I was in my room safe and sound. Since then it has become somewhat routine and I have become very good at flipping the wakeup switch and waking up only to turn over in bed and fall back to sleep. I figured after a year I hadn't died and no one knew what it was so it must not be life threatening and I even experimented with it a bit. I was able to feel the onset of sleep paralysis create a dream and control what happened in the dream. If I do it right I can create and control the dreams I have and it has been a blast. This is as real as sleep paralysis and I think sleep paralysis when controlled is a gift as it seems to be a portal to dream control. The trick is to avoid the panick feeling altogether....u start to feel that and your done....The dreams are coherent and real-like and I remember every detail well after they are over. I was even flying in one of my dreams it was an unbelievable free feeling...anyway it is nice to chat about it. Even if no one replies it is kool to put this out there and I don't feel like such a freak anymore. Thanks for your input. I have one question.....does anyone think this sleep thing is a warning sign of any medical condition.....heart condition or hormone problem (adrenals) idk any ideas?

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This is exactly what happened to me! I have also been dealing with sleep paralysis for about 8 years and for the most part until recently, it has been terribly frightening. But I discovered lucid dreaming through a friend and sometimes i am in the middle of the dream when i can activate it, but it mostly happens after a paralysis, when the attack is sustained. Then i am in complete bliss and can create pretty much any scenario i like. Its Sick! I have flown and even extended my lucidity by spinning around if i feel control slipping or rubbing my hands together. My next endeavor is to try to get into space which i haven't been able to do yet. But this is so much better than the sole "evil" paralysis experiences. I think that people who have these experiences are opening doors in our consciousness and we can use them for good and learning from them. All you have to do is hold on!! and sustain the initial fright. Face the fear head on, and tell the spirit with your thoughts that you are in control not it!

Ok dudes, your answer was in the story. Your sleep paralsys is caused my your grand mother dying and other stress at the time, thats probably enough information for you to deal with this howver the question by Caliconcon13 needs a little more talking...<br />
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The sleep paralsys is often used as a gateway to the astral plane, which effectlively is part of the spirit world. Your not really suppoesed to go there unless you know what you are doing, I have not been there but some people i know have. (and they wont tell me how to get to it too easy)<br />
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Whats also interesting here though is that lucid dreaming is also acessed the same way (i think)

Can you explain more on how you turned the sleep paraylisis into a controled lucid dream