Beleive Me, You Need To Read This: My Astral Projection Experience

Does anyone know anything about astral projection? I believe I have done it through sleep paralysis, and its even more creepy than the paralysis itself. Basically, You know how you everyone struggles to try to get out of the paralysis or to even make a sound to wake someone else up in the room to have them help you out? Well, one night i went into sleep paralysis, and I was REALLY REALLY trying to fight it to get out of it because I was really tired and just wanted to sleep. Well in my experience, the harder you struggle, the longer the paralysis lasts. This case was no different. I had my eyes closed as usual and was really fighting it and i actually got control of a few of the fingers on my left hand. (I was laying on my right side facing the room) I started to move my fingers around and then my whole hand became free. Then before i knew it, I was slowly reaching my entire left arm over to the edge of the bed, almost as if I was making progress getting out of my bed. I was still struggling severely to move, and it felt as though I was fighting a really strong force the entire time, just to be able to move. I finally grabbed the edge of the bed with my left arm and i managed to turn over onto my stomach instead of my side. This is when i noticed that I had become visually aware of what I was doing. I concentrated very hard on being able to use my right arm, and when i was able to, I basically pulled my entire body over to the edge of the bed, and almost slid my legs off, one by one. (The more body parts i was able to move individually, the easier it was to move as a whole). At this point my feet had touched the ground, and when i turned around, i was leaning on the bed with my waist, and I looked down, only to see that my body was still lying in my bed. I freaked out, naturally, and stumbled over to the other side of the room where my light switch was after what seemed like a long time of struggling against the force that was still holding me back. I switched it on, but the lights never came on. I then opened my door, went out into the common room, and then opened the door to my roommates room. I tried to wake the first one up, to no avail, by shaking him and yanking the sheets and trying to yell. I then went over to my second roommate, and did the same thing. Only this time he stirred a little in his bed, and immediately i tried to yell for him to turn the light on. I focused as hard as i could to yell it and felt like i was yelling at the top of my lungs, when all of a sudden i simply snapped back into my bed and felt the paralysis dissipate rapidly, to the quiet sound of my lips projecting a tiny "mmm" noise. In my experience, if i don't move once the paralysis leaves, I will simply fall right back into it, so i sat up and got out of my bed, now that i was fully awake, and also because i was freaked out about what had just happened. Please Please write responses, and let me know if you have had an experience similar in any way.
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Sleep paralysis is just a precursor to astral projection. Your body reaches a deep relaxed state and then your astral body decides its go time. When you astral travel you need to make sure you stay calm and positive. Like attracts like in the astral world and if you are fearful and putting out negative vibes you are going to attract the like. Astral projection can be and should be a positive experience for soul exploration and spiritual growth. If you are fortunate enough to be able to do this then embrace it but make sure you do it with a positive mind set. Surround yourself with a bubble of white light for protection and call on your spirit guides for protection and to help you with your travels. You have the potential to learn a lot from these experiences. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. However if you feel you are not ready then try sleeping on your side or stomach and read up online about ways to ground yourself. Good luck.

read robert monroe's three books

I have experienced OBE...usually after I get so scared of my visions in sleep paralysis. Im above myself and my fiance....I have never left the bedroom.

Before i start writing this comment please forgive my punctuation it's not the best lol.<br />
i've had sleep paralysis most of my life and didn't really understand what it was until i was about 16. i used to find myself floating out of my body from the age of about four and heading straight for the stairs once i approached the stairs i would slowly float downwards in a sitting position about a foot or so above the stair. After this i would continue you float down the stairs to where my parents were i always saw the door to the living slight ajar i used to spy through the gap in the door whilst my parents were watching tv, when one of them got up i found myself very fast fly back up the stairs where i was sat up in bed it used to terrify me and i thought after 24 i would of got used to it by now but it still terrifies me and the older i have become the terrifying my experciences are such as seeing shadow people hearing children laughing and crying floating people dragging me out of bed sitting on me and aslo people putting there hands around my throat.

lol I had a sleep paralysis lots of times. it usually happens when I don't get enough sleep for a couple days and then fall asleep exhausted. I believe this sort of thing happens when your body is very tired and your mind is awake.<br />
<br />
Sleep paralysis is not dangerous. <br />
But here's some tips if you really want to avoid it:<br />
1. sleep for about 8 hours every night and avoid disrupting your biorhythm and sleeping pattern. Example: if you usually get up at 8, then DON'T party until 4 a.m. and sleep only 3-4 hours before getting up. same with studying - if you study at night, then sleep enough during the day. <br />
2. don't drink much coffee with caffeine, especially not every day, because caffeine gives you a sort of fake feeling of being awake and full of energy so you won't be able to recognize when your body lets you know that it's bedtime :))