Probably Whingeing

Oddly, I have only experienced a "presence" twice and both times, jolted out of the experience without ever being paralyzed.  I am grateful. But as for SP, that has occurred countless times and it's nasty.  I wish I could say that everyone's tips work.  On the odd occasion something worked for me, (eg trying to move one finger to get started) it never did again and I'm always surprised to read that people can move their eyes during the experience as I can do more than partially raise my lids.  The same for lying on my side: does not guarantee I won't slide into SP having always been a side sleeper and the right side being the worst.  Back and left side aren't far behind. I'm reaching 52 years and getting canny; really to avoid the problem.  I have considerably less episodes because I won't go back to sleep if I wake early and encounter light.  It appears to be the main stimulus.  But it can happen when I don't sometimes, also in the middle of the night.  I don't think it's anywhere near the quota I used to reach regardless.  In the late '70s I had no idea what was happening and tricked myself into thinking I was experiencing astral travelling, how lame.  I was more informed in the '80s, had less sleep than ever and I was really copping the episodes.  Time after time, thinking I was getting up and out of the paralysis and waking eventually to find myself paralyzed again.  Or having managed to jerk free, sliding back into it before I could sit up.  Very occasionally I can get my wife's attention, by breathing hard or snorting and that'll release me instantly if she moves toward me.  A lot of the time the episode will set me dreaming, but too many instances I'm aware of time, surroundings and just can't move.  Yes I'm obese, but when I was getting SP more than regularly I was trim and fit.  Looks like most of us are stuck with it for life, but I'm pleased to say the number of episodes decreases with time.  So far this year I've had two.  Pretty good.
glenne glenne
May 7, 2012