I Know When I Am Going To Have Sleep Paralysis

I am getting better at controlling the paralysis....unfortunately it's like instead of whatever will go on during the paralysis, like whatever it is that I am going to see...I dream it instead. I have even had two episodes of sleep paralysis that involved my husband and son and them coming to me when I am having it. I will be to the point during the paralysis to which I am yelling, and they can hear me and come to me and just are around. I am not actually yelling, but I think about the paralysis so much and tell my husband so much about it that when I am experiencing it, he shows up and I guess watches me, for lack of a better way of putting it.
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I spoke incorrectly with a comment I made earlier about never having been in my own room when I had sleep paralysis. The first couple of times that I experienced SP since we moved here were in my and my husband's bed. I can recall waking, or slightly waking and "hearing" myself screaming my husband's name and looking at him. I could also feel myself touching his arm, but he wasn't responding. He of course had no idea what was going on...if he had awakened to see me looking at him with wide eyes...he would had freaked....I guess my eyes were open...I do recall feeling like someone was standing behind me..I sleep on my left side with my back to the door..I HATE sleeping with my back to the bedroom door...but I have no choice...it's the only way we could set up our bedroom furniture....anyway..all this just occurred to me and thought I would pass it along.<br />
thanks for reading.

I have never been in my own room when I have sleep paralysis, I've ALWAYS been somewhere else. Yes, somehow my husband or my son "hears" me yelling for them and them and then enters the room where I am...then I can hear them talking about me being paralyzed. Suppose I am dreaming , not a lucid dream, but I am paralyzed while dreaming and haven't partially awakened?????Does that make sense????

yes. the few times I was in a bed but not my own and I don't recognize where I am. Once I found myself on a couch in a place I had lived and there was no bed or couch in that room in that spot.