Don't Wanna Sleep No More

Im maddy, I'm sixteen & have sleep paralysis, I don't have dreams like other people I don't remember anything other then waking up and not being able to move, not being able to open my eyes or breath, my mum thinks I'm just being stupid, but it scares the living **** out of me it last for 39 seconds to a minute and happened 3 to 4 times a week, I hate sleeping now because of it
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

Poor you , what a shame youre mum isnt taking it seriously, im an adult and it scares the crap out of me. i find tho that knowing what it is and that it wont actually harm you helps alot. I agree with post above show youre mum some material about it then she may be more understanding and comfort to you.

I'm in the same boat. my SP went away for a year but now its back. Every night for the past month. I've taken to only sleeping during the day

.....although if you are having them so frequently, you might need to see a doctor. There could be an underlying reason for the SP. Show your mom some material on SP, and show her that it's a real thing.

It will likely go away as you get older. I had sleep paralysis episodes from about age 14 to 17. I'm 24 now and haven't had any since i was in high school. I read that it's more common in teenagers. Do you have hallusinations during your episodes?