Didn't Know What It Was For A Long Time...

My first Sleep Paralysis episode happened when I was about 14.  I was of course in bed asleep, i remember opening my eyes and looking at the clock. It was 4 something in the morning.  I lay there still for a second.  Then a light shined in through the window. My first thought was a helicopter.  But then the light shined on the wall and it looked like hell in the light. Like demons reaching up out of flames, on my wall. My bed started shaking, and the light flashing. Then I saw the presence at the foot of my bed. A shadow of a bald man, no clothes. Even though he was just a shadow and I couldn't see any features, I was under the impression that he was a demon.  He crept up onto me from the foot of my bed and pinned me down. I wanted to scream and push him off of me but of course I couldn't move or speak.  Then all of a sudden it all went away.  I literally jumped out of bed and ran out of the room as soon as I snapped out of it. No one was awake, I was just pacing the living room crying.  I calmed myself and went into my grandma's room. She was awake, I asked her if she felt an earthquake.(to account for my bed shaking) She said no. I just walked out and didn't tell her what happened. I wasen't sure what happened. 
I had several more SP episodes over the next tree years.  Two were simlar to each other. These one were of a ghost of an old woman. In the first one she was in the corner of my room smiling at me. I didn't wake up after this one.  The second time, she came up to my bed from the corner. She got closer and closer to my face and the closer she got, the more she looked like me. Didn't wake up after that one either. I think it's weird that in the episodes about the old woman. It was as if the light was on in the room, even though it wasen't really on. Those were the 3 most intense episodes. I didn't tell anyone about my SP for a very long time. I didn't know what was happening to me, I just thought I was crazy. Also, I don't believe in ghosts or demons and I didn't then either. So I really just thought there was something wrong with my head.  I found out about SP on the History Channel later on. It still scares me to think of this, and I hope I never have SP again.
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So, this is very interesting to me. When I was 13-ish, I was sitting in bed, ready to go to sleep. All of the lights were off and it was pitch black outside. Suddenly, a golden light shined as if coming in through a window right, only it was horizontal and the only window would have been vertical. It covered the room and walls in a narrow corridor of light. I freaked out and ran out to the hall instantly. The light actually followed me, (flashing the whole time, a bit like a slower strobe light) keeping the column on my body as I ran, to my parent's room. When I got to my parent's room, I jumped on the bed, waking up my mother. My mom saw the light too and flipped out, hiding me under the covers and then the light went away finally. <br />
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Your story of your first episode is the first story I've read that comes close to having something similar. I wonder if there is some connection somewhere in there that could shed some light on the situation (no pun intended! ....okay, it was a little intended, but srs bzn. :I )