A Question For All Sp-ers

Have you ever had a conversation with the things you see during an episode of sleep paralysis?

In one of my episodes of sleep paralysis I saw a girl standing at the end of my bed. She was wearing a blue dress and a white apron. She had her hair in a long braid down her back and she was carrying a basket of flowers. I was afraid of her but she wasn't threatening. She told me that I needed to but some flowers. Since I couldn't move I could respond out loud so I said (in my mind) that I didn't want any flowers.

When she heard that she changed somehow. Physically she looked the same but her energy had changed to extremely negative. She said that I had better but some flowers. I thought/said that I would but I didn't have any money. She glared at me and that's when I snapped out of the paralysis.

That was the only time I've ever talked to one of the hallucinations(?). And in all the stories of other people that I've read none of them mention talking to what they are seeing. So I was just wondering if it's ever happened to any of you. Thanks
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Wow that's amazing and terrifying at the same time! I've never spoken to any of the entities but I've always been to scared to open my eyes. Although I have heard them have conversations with each other as sometimes there are multiple entities in my episodes.